If you have not visited the library in recent months, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised at all the new improvements. The library now boasts a streamlined floor plan, de-cluttered shelves and, with many thanks to donations, a new file cabinet and laminating machine. The FG Library was also able to donate books in support of two missions. Volunteers continue work on preparing all library books to be check-out ready and cataloguing the entire inventory into a new computer program. Soon, it will be a breeze to locate any book, both fiction and non-fiction, by author or title.

The book check-out rate for last quarter was 3,769. Thanks to the book sale, the library’s purchase of new books included Lost Roses, a fiction by Martha Kelly, as well as non-fiction additions, Appalachian Reckoning by Anthony Harkins and The Pioneers by David McCullough.

If you would like to become part of the Library Volunteer Team, please call the FG Library with your name and contact number. The volunteer coordinator will contact you and schedule an interview appointment. New volunteers receive training in library policies and procedures, computer usage, work in teams on a regular minimum schedule of two days per month and assist with special projects. It’s a great way to become part of the library mission of opening doors to adventure, knowledge, and entertainment for the Glade community. 

FG Library is open Monday-Friday from 9a.m.-1 p.m. and Saturday from 9a.m.-noon. Phone: 931-484-3728.

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