The Memory Loss Care Group meets at 11 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the Fairfield Glade Baptist Church in room 156. Each month, speakers provide care and coping information on relative topics for those caring for a loved one with dementia. There are 70 different aspects or diseases affecting the brain under the umbrella of dementia. Alzheimers is only one of those diseases. Caregivers face many challenges as they see the various stages, behavior challenges and decline of their loved ones.

Aug. 8 — Pharmacist, Larry Renaud, will be speaking. In the past, Renaud has spoken to the group and is very knowledgeable not just on side effects, but the interactions of drugs. The biggest challenge a caregiver often faces is the over the counter or prescribed medication and reactions they can cause. Prescriptions for memory loss are limited and often one size fits all.

Sept. 12 — Fairfield Glade Fire Chief, Bobby Smith, will speak about home, fire and safety as well as the role of first responders in crisis situations.

Oct. 10 — An Alzheimer’s Tennessee representative will give an update on research and clinical trials.

Nov. 9 — The topic will be holiday stress and nutrition. Susan Riches, nutritionist, will share tips with the group.

This support group meets monthly to help those facing memory loss and coping with the various forms of dementia. In a separate area, they have helpers who can keep loved ones engaged with activities during the one hour meeting.  

Everyone is welcome, whether they are a caregiver, have early memory loss, concern for a loved one or have a neighbor or friend affected by dementia. No one should walk this journey alone.

Contact Margaret Brant at 931-337-9630 for additional information.