Official candidates for the 2020 election for the two available Fairfield Glade Property Owner Director At-Large seats are:

• Donald Elliott

• Gary Fitch

• Bruce Horn

• Greg Jones

• Gerry Miller

• Philip Smith

• John Wedgworth

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Candidates Forum will be held/recorded electronically and will be available to view by Aug. 3. This will allow members an opportunity to meet the candidates. Questions will be proposed to the candidates by the Election Committee based on community current events and suggestions received from FGCC members either via emails to fgccelection@fairfieldglade.cc or dropped off at the administration office at 7827 Peavine Rd. by July 17. This will provide the opportunity to learn more about each candidate, and hear the candidates’ position on various issues facing Fairfield Glade property owners.

Election ballots for members in good standing as of July 17 will be emailed or mailed, based on your preference, the week of Aug. 10. Members in “good standing” is defined as not being delinquent with respect to payment of assessments, fees and fines. Voters must use either the web link provided in the email sent from our voting service or the provided manual ballot and pre-addressed envelope to cast their votes and return their ballot to the independent tabulating agency no later than Sept. 4.

The results of the election for the two Property Owner Directors At-Large positions will be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting scheduled for Sept.18, at 10 a.m. in the Community & Conference Center.


Donald H. Elliott

119 Motthaven Dr., Crossville, TN 38558

Phone: 847-721-6835

Email: dhelliott3@comcast.net




I have attended over 4,800 hours of US Navy Technical Training in the areas of electricity, electronics and facilties/equipment maintenance. I hold BS and MSEd degrees from Southern Illinois University. I am a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer (20 yrs.) and public school teacher (16.5 yrs.). Training coordinator for a maintenance department at Abbott Laboritories in North Chicago, IL. I performed a needs analysis, designed, developed and implemented a training plan for a 150-person maintenance department.




Current Clubs/organizations, past/current FGCC committee memberships: President, USS Chicago Reunion Committee; vice president, USS Little Rock Association; Life Member, VFW; Life Member, DAV; and treasurer of the Fairfield Glade Rotary Foundation.

Prior civic involvement (boards, commissions, councils, etc.): Former school board member of the Waukegan Community Unit School District — Master School Board Member; president, Great Lakes Pre-School; president, Enlisted Men’s Club, Gaeta, Italy; and board member for the Waukegan Career Academy.


Primary Issues Facing the Community

I firmly believe the number one issue is the future growth and development of our community. The information that I have read outlines a very solid plan for systematic maintenance and improvement in our infrastructure and community services for our club. The lessons that I have learned from serving on numerous boards and committees has been to listen to the professionals whose job it is to address the day to day issues that arise.

I believe the responsibility of the board of directors is to consider the recommendations/concerns of our staff, club members and as a board, come to a consensus as to the best course of action for all concerned. I have been a property owner in Fairfield Glade since 2004, purchased a condominium in 2016 and a house in 2018. From where I sit our club has been managed in a professional and efficient manner.


Gary Fitch

114 Knollwood Lane

Phone: 931-287-0644

Cell Phone: 630-234-1145

Email: gary.fitch2019@outlook.com




BS- Accounting

MBA- Database Design and Artificial Intelligence





Financial Advisory Committee - 2015 to present

Trail Crew- 2015 to present

AARP Tax-Aide

Drivers Golf Group

Riders Golf Group


Primary Issues Facing the Community

I think the primary issue facing the community is continued growth in a fiscally responsible manner. This is best accomplished by having a well defined plan and following established management procedures. I believe that my business experience will benefit the board in accomplishing this goal.


Other Information

Please visit my Facebook page “Elect Gary Fitch to FFG Board” for more information.


Bruce Horn


370 Rotherham Drive, Crossville, TN 38558

Phone: 931-456-6131




US Navy, Vietnam veteran. 

College of Lake County, IL — Business. 

University of Illinois — Engineering. 

University of New Mexico — Computer Science.

Regional manager, Digital Equipment Corporation. Staff member, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Partner/CTO/CIO — Pivot, Llc. EEC (London, England. Brussles, Belgium).

Partner/CTO/CIO — Pivot Marketing Data Svcs., Llc., CTO/CIO ERCARD, Newport, RI.




Current Clubs/organizations, past/current FGCC committee memberships: Past president, Fairfield Glade Rotary Club; past president, Fairfield Glade Rotary Foundation; past chair, Fairfield Glade Neighborhood Watch Coalition; chair, Racquet Sports Committee; Rotarian. Serving on Rotary committees to serve our community.

Prior civic involvement (boards, commissions, councils, etc.): Chamber of Commerce, East Greenwich, Newport, RI; Commission on Electronic Medical Records, RI.


Primary Issues Facing the Community

How to address/communicate/manage inevitable changes in our community.

Existing programs are a good effort that can be expanded and enhanced.

The At-Large positions on the board an excellent opportunity to provide a conduit for communication and insight to/from the board and the community when confronted with our always changing challenges and opportunities.


Gregory Jones

37 Cedar Ridge Circle, 

Fairfield Glade, TN 38558

Phone: 832-257-1741

Email: gregoryj832@yahoo.com




I have a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Millikin University (Decatur, IL), Master of Science in Education Major, College Administration Minor, Organizational Behavior from Indiana University (Bloomington, IN); and a PhD from The American University in Higher Education and Computer Systems (Washington, D.C.). I served six years in the U.S. Air Force Reserves attaining the rank of captain. In my professional career of over 45 years I have held many senior leadership positions in education, banking, hospital administration, utilities and consulting organizations, including Assistant Dean of Students and Assistant Professor of Business Management (higher education), Senior Vice President of Operations, and Chief Information Officer (CIO) (banking), director of Human Resources,

General Manager Information Resources (utilities), Senior Vice President Human Resources (hospital network), US Lead Asset Management and Human Resources Global Lead (consulting).

Over the past 20+ years, I led large ($50 million to $1 billion+) transformational projects for utilities throughout the US and developed 10+ year strategic plans for utility senior management teams and their boards of directors. Throughout all this work all shareholders viewpoints were considered, inputs incorporated into the outcomes, and clear lines of communications established. Typical major stakeholders included: employees (union and non-union), management, board of directors, governing/regulatory bodies/agencies, shareholders, and customers. The last two projects I led received national recognition by being selected “Project of the Year” by utility industry and/or trade groups. Key components of the success of these projects included: meeting organizational goals, effective change management and communications programs, collaborative management approach and completing the project on-time and on-budget. The goal of every project I led was that “No Group Is Left Behind!”




Current Clubs/organizations, past/current FGCC committee memberships: 

• Member of two golf clubs

• Member Civil War Round Table

Prior civic involvement (boards, commissions, councils, etc.):

• Chairman of the United Way Budget Committee Decatur, IL

• Chairman Board of Directors Junior Achievement, Decatur IL.

• Consultant to several church organizations to collaboratively define their mission, vision, core values, and supporting programs.

• Member Kiwanis Service Club (chaired several committees)

• Member Advisory Council for Indiana University Alumni Association

• Member Advisory Board Millikin University School of Business

• Member Alumni Advisory Board Millikin University

• Advisor to Brazoswood High School Administration Lake Jackson, TX


Primary Issues Facing the 


• Continued focus on financial stability and growth by managing operational expenses and re-enforcing a cost benefit mentality for operational expenses while continuing to build financial reserves for the future.

• Public safety. Develop a plan working with organizations like Wyndham, city/county/state elected officials/agencies, and community members to address issues like: (a) level of service/level of contribution for city/county services, (b) a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus, Wyndham’s re-opening and defining the balance between community safety and having an open functional community.

• Attracting the next generation of Fairfield Glade residents by striking a balance between current/future services and amenities with the needs and desires of current residents especially those aging in our community. This will require study and input from current residents and research on needs/wants of potential future residents based on national, regional and local trends.

• Continue the work started on the implementation and refinement of the Strategic Plan by using the current Strategic Planning Committee to: help prioritize future projects/initiatives, conduct required cost benefit analyses, involve key stakeholders in the planning process, and bring actionable alternatives/recommendations to the board.

• Continue to develop the cost benefit analysis and prioritization on projects already being considered like: Stonehenge Clubhouse Phase II, Racquet Center upgrade/revitalization, and Robin Hood Park development as well as potential future projects like: The Druid Hills Golf Complex (Legends) and a Food & Beverage Event Center. This planning should include inputs from multiple stakeholders and be worked in collaboration with the overall strategic planning and budgeting processes.


Other Information

I believe my background and professional experience has trained me to listen objectively and respect others opinions, understand their point of view, communicate effectively with differing points of view, and have the ability to do what would be right for the future of Fairfield Glade. I have studied organizational behavior and have been a frequent speaker at professional conferences on how to manage change through organizational transformations.


Gerald Miller

185 Berkshire Loop

Phone: 931-456-5792

Email: gmwolverine@frontier.com




Retired to FG in 2002. Professionally, I have over 40 years of experience in human resources management. Thirty-five of these years were at the senior executive level primarily in the steel, automotive, rubber and healthcare industries concentrating primarily in labor relations, performance management and staff development.

These experiences have taught me the importance of unwavering integrity and the value of listening and responding to people’s concerns, suggestions and points of view. I am an Army veteran having served during the Korean conflict.


BBA—University of Michigan

MBA—University of Michigan

JD—Detroit College of Law (night school)




Current Clubs/organizations, past/current FGCC committee memberships: I have been involved in FG community issues for over 15 years having:

• Served on the board’s Government Liaison Committee.

• Chaired the Committee for a Better Fairfield Glade.

• Chaired the Committee for Fiduciary Responsibility.

• Chaired Residents Voice which led the F&B re-organization effort.

• Coordinator of the community gardens for over 10 years

Prior civic involvement (boards, commissions, councils, etc.):

• Advisory committee to university business school.

• Chaired the National Employers’ Job Service Improvement Committee accountable to the U.S. Secretary of Labor.

• Rotary


Primary Issues Facing the 


There is a serious need for the board to:

1) Reject arrogance of power.

2) Establish a credible and effective two-way communication link with members.

3) Respect and accept member rights to question and debate.

4) Improve trust in the board and general manager.

5) Renew the board’s previous promise of openness/transparency.

6) Develop respect for the concerns, views, opinions and suggestions of members outside of those on board appointed committees.

7) Build an effective relationship with the county commission to ensure a more fair return on our tax dollars.

8) Develop performance accountability and effectiveness for management personnel through challenging goals and objectives including cost control.

9) Slow the growth of dues.

10) A need to fully appreciate the contributions made by the members of our Volunteer Fire Department and their financial needs.

11) Reduce member apathy in voting in our elections by mitigating the feeling of so many that “whatever I say or do will never make a difference.”

12) Never lose sight of the fact that Fairfield Glade is a retirement community first with resort type amenities open to all to use including our valued timeshare visitors.

Without correcting and developing the above, community issues will never be effectively addressed. Member involvement in the process is imperative for member “buys in” going forward. Helping the board work through this is why I am seeking a Director-At-Large position. Based on my chosen career path of working with troubled and turn around companies, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to serve as an effective change agent. If elected, I will stay true to my words. That’s my “Put Member Concerns First” pledge to the members.




As Andy Rooney once said, “I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while getting there.” Let’s get there together in a true and mutually respectful Member/Developer/Board partnership.


Philip C. Smith

144 Hickory Ridge Lane

Phone: 931-484-4819

Email: smith.philip.c@gmail.com




B.A. and M.A from the University of Northern Iowa; post graduate work in public administration at Drake University. Worked for two Iowa governors in several senior management positions culminating in

13 years as the director of State-Federal Relations in Washington, D.C., managing the state’s outreach to the federal government. Since 1999 I have aided large and medium sized companies and nonprofits in managing their state government affairs programs.




Current Clubs/organizations, past/current FGCC committee memberships: Fairfield Glade Rotary Club, Government Affairs Committee; current chairman of the Strategic Planning

Committee; a founding board member and secretary to the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade; active in Positively Glade; member of Fairfield Glade First Baptist Church.

Prior civic involvement (boards, commissions, councils, etc.): Served a prior term on the SPC; former active member of the Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition; past leadership positions in a variety of state and national public policy groups.


Primary Issues Facing the 


First, I will be an advocate for sound financial management practices providing for meeting critical community needs of police and fire protection, emergency medical assistance, and sewer and sanitation services while properly maintaining amenities for our residents and guests. This includes having adequate reserve funds to meet present and future needs for maintaining and improving our capital investments. We also need to explore ways to develop new club business opportunities.

Second, we need to continue our efforts to develop a reasonable strategic plan for our community that will promote a clear vision for our future with clearly identifiable goals and tactics to help achieve the vision. This plan should address land use opportunities and identify critical needs for infrastructure and amenity improvements. In doing so, we need to make sure we are addressing the needs and priorities of our residents, both current and future.

Third, we need to keep working with our community partners, including Wyndham, private developers and Cumberland County along with nonprofit organizations such as Fairfield Glade Resident Services and Good Samaritan Society in order to help assure that Fairfield Glade continues to be an attractive place to live, to visit and to invest in. Without these partners Fairfield Glade would not be the place it is today. It is important for the club to present itself as a reliable partner and advocate for the interests of all our residents.

Fairfield Glade is a wonderful place to live, offering many benefits to those of us who call this place home. However, we also should recognize that in order for our community to sustain itself, we must continue our efforts to improve our club, be innovative in our approach and invest in our community’s future just as our founding members invested in their future, assuring that we remain one of the top 50 master-planned communities in the country.


Other Information

Mary and I made Fairfield Glade our permanent home in 2009. We enjoy living here, participating in so much of what our community offers, and making great friends. We look forward to being a part of Fairfield Glade for many years to come.




16 Westridge Terrace

Cell Phone: 931-202-0014




B.S in Sales and Marketing 1979 from Mississippi State University

Whirlpool (Maytag Division) 25 years of sales management experience; national sales manager of $50 million SBU. Core competencies, strategic marketing planning, business development, customer-to-corporate relationship management




2018-present: Chairperson for FG Property Standards Committee

2018-present: St. Raphael’s Episcopal Church; vestry member and stewardship chairperson

2020: President of Positively Glade

Prior civic involvement

2014-’15: Vice President of National Association of Remodeling Industry (Charlotte, NC)

2013-’15: VP, board of directors of Lake Norman, NC. Home Builders Association and membership chairperson, Charlotte, NC

2012: Chairperson, Lake Norman, NC, Remodelers Council, Charlotte, NC


Primary Issues Facing the 


1. Post-COVID-19 financial recovery and stewardship of FG monetary reserves.

2. “FG Orientation 101” course for existing residents and newcomers. Engage newcomers with residents using an “adopt a newcomer” program.

3. Beautification program: resident involvement in ongoing beatification of FG public areas (flowers, ornamental, shrubbery, etc)

4. Marketing plan for attracting future FG residents; “What will bring the next generation to FG?”


Other Information

Scheduled events for residents to encourage active participation and interest in the various FG committees. Example: casual social mixers with a committee at a local restaurant.

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