It's not an amusement park.

It's not an aircraft control tower to vector in aircraft two miles from touchdown.

It's not a hospital.

Our own Dick Cieszenski introduced Don Haston, operations manager for CoLinx Corporation of Crossville.

Haston was born and still lives in the neighboring town of Sparta. He and his wife, Kelley, have been married for 23 years and have two sons, Alec, 21, and Paden, 18. Donald received his bachelor of science degree from Trevecca Nazarene University.

In speaking, he revealed:

•CoLinx just built a new addition of 675,000 square feet next to the original building (costing a total of $18M) to house a warehouse/distribution center for the five leading bearing manufacturers in the world, each paying a portion of the cost of the facility.

•The original facility and additional facility (expected to be completed Aug. 3, 2007) will hire in excess of 500 employees to fill three shifts per day. That will make CoLinx the second largest employer in Crossville, right behind Crossville Medical Center.

•The new warehouse was necessary in order to use a more efficient crane. When completed, the new building will house 21,000 pallets. When the crane picker receives an order, he or she transmits the message to the picker. To give you a feel for the operation, an efficient picker will fill 80 orders a day. When this addition is completed, the picker will be able to fill 154 orders an hour (all with an efficiency of 99.98 percent), which will include picking, wrapping, labeling and shipping in the day the order is made.

•CoLinx is dedicated to the principle that the employees must be aware of the community's needs and the opportunity to be a meaningful corporate citizen. Just as an example, CoLinx employees were encouraged to contribute to the 2007 United Fund Drive, and they did, in fact, give $114,000 to the goal of $150,000. Quite dramatic!

Don, we were impressed with your presentation and to know what CoLinx does with this large and growing property.

We are eager for Aug. 3 so we may see the pickers operate.

I'm sure this community appreciates what you have done for us and we say godspeed to you, Kelley and your children.