Once again Thursday evening, March 2, team tennis saw many well-played and closely competed matches. Six of the 12 matches were decided by tie-breaks. The Orange Crushers played the Grey Ghosts and scored 4 wins and 2 losses, while the Red Flames played the Blue Angels and also had a 4-2 split.

For the Orange Crushers in mixed doubles, Connie Peterson and Joe Karl won the first match of the evening, 6-2, 6-3, playing Karen Warner and Peter Kaufmann. The men's team of Pat Gruet and Eric Daum were successful in their match, 6-2, 6-2, against Mike Spitler and Glenn Harper, while the ladies' doubles team of Emmy Edwards and Nancy Hazel defeated Susan Spitler and Bev Talbott, 6-2 and 6-2. The fourth win of the night for the Crushers came from Larry Dove and Larry Hilleman who won their first set in the tie break, 7-3, and then won the match with the 6-2 victory in the second set.

Bringing home one of the two wins for the Ghosts was the team of Bev Schwind and Mary Kelly in two close sets, 6-4 and 7-5, against Sue Powell and Gisela Reinhardt. Pat and Art Kane managed to eke out their win for the Ghosts against Carol Forkapa and Jim Schwind. Pat and Art won the first set in a tie break, 7-3, lost the second set, 3-6, and then managed to win the tie-break, 11-9. Once again, the Orange Crushers tightly competed match was the closer for the night.

Earlier, the last match between the Red Flames and the Blue Angels was also a close contest. Sheryl and Jim Gunter defeated Dee Harper and Dick Gillen by winning the first set in a tie break 7-3, and then getting the 7-5 win in the hard fought second set. Their match was one of the four wins of the night for the Flames. Another win came in the first match of the evening between Nikki Hillman and John Anderson, 6-0, 6-3, over Martha Patton and Don Warner.

Number three win was the ladies' double pairing of Ellen Flynn and Marty Wennermark who were successful in their match against Carolyn Karl and Lucy Bertram, 6-3 and 6-4. The fourth win for the Flames was another of the tie break matches. Larry MacDonald and Hank Bartos won their first set against Tom Lusk and Tim Spitler, 6-1, but then lost the second set, 3-6. Larry and Hank held on to win the match, 10-7, in the tie break.

In the win column for the Angels were two tie-break matches: one a ladies' doubles and one a men's doubles. Joanne Chmielewski and Bev Hemmerich won their first set against Charlotte Lintelman and June Levora in a tie break, 7-5, and then lost the second set, 5-7. The ladies played a closely contested tie break, with Joanne and Bev winning 10-7.

The men's pair of Paul Forkapa and Bert Reinhardt from the Angels and Wayne Baker and Jim LaMastus of the Flames split their sets 6-2 and 2-6, respectively. Paul and Bert held on to win the match in the tie break, 10-7. Although the match score, with one week left to go shows, the Red Flames securely in first place with 21 wins, the Orange Crushers holding second with 17 wins, the Grey Ghosts with 12 wins and the Blue Angels with 10, the competition continues to be very close and the matches well played. The final placings will be decided next week, so come, enjoy the exciting competition and support your tennis playing friends.

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