Fairfield Glade has 11 lakes, not counting Lake Sterling and Mirror Lake (which are owned and managed by FRI). The lakes and ponds that add beauty and character to our golf courses are the property of the golf course on which they're located. They are managed by that golf course's golf maintenance crew.

The 11 lakes owned by Fairfield Glade Community Club are managed by the Community Services Division. Ronnie Redwine, supervisor of roads and bridges, monitors the lakes. His crew does most of the required repair and maintenance.

The Fairfield Glade lakes, in decreasing order of acreage, are Dartmoor (201), St. George (125), Canterbury (47), Glastowbury (46), Catherine (38), Pomeroy (25), Kirkstone (21), Sherwood (16), Malvern (13), Spring (11) and Oxford (5). Now you know! If you live on a lake, size doesn't matter.

This "Lakes Update" is provided for your information courtesy of the lakes committee.