Detours have motorists skirt around the Peavine Rd. closure at from Fairview Blvd. to the Catoosa/Westchester intersection as the Peavine Rd. expansion project progresses.

The Peavine Rd. expansion project has not lost momentum, but it has hit a few speed bumps.

“The project has experienced some delays due to utility conflicts,” Jennifer Flynn, Tennessee Department of Transportation Community Relations Officer, informed. 

Construction on the Peavine expansion project has been granted an extension on the project completion date. 

Because of underground utilities not shown on plans, the contractor, Rogers Group Inc., requested and was granted a time extension. 

TDOT’s policy is to address delays as they occur rather than wait until the contract completion date to determine the need for a time extension. 

“At this time, the contract completion date has been extended to on or before Feb. 21, 2021,” Flynn said. The original competition date of the SR 101/Peavine Rd. widening project was Nov. 30. 

With that, TDOT said Rogers Group, Inc. is proceeding with the work as though the contract date has not changed and is still pursuing completion as originally scheduled.

While the completion date has been extended to February 2021, depending on what the winter brings, the contractor may have to wait until spring to put final paving on the project to comply with TDOT’s seasonal paving limitations.

The posted speed limit has been reduced from 45 mph to 35 mph within the work zone. TDOT advised motorists to exercise extreme caution while driving on Peavine Rd., making sure to be alert for changes in traffic patterns and road workers. Motorists should reduce speed on Peavine Rd. and be alert for construction personnel/equipment entering and exiting the roadway.

The Peavine Rd. closure from Fairview Blvd. to just past the Catoosa/Westchester intersection will continue and traffic detours are well indicated to guide motorists around the construction closure.

Motorists should allow themselves additional time to adjust to the construction traffic and detour patterns as work continues to push toward the completion of the Peavine expansion project. Base stone, paving, blasting operations, storm drain installation, and utility relocation are currently in progress. 

Motorists should be aware that temporary lane closures and traffic stoppages may be needed as these construction activities continue as the project progresses.