I was disappointed when I looked out the sunroom window and saw that the bright red leaves that had been a part of my window beauty this past month were gone. 

Two leaves dangled, holding on as the wind twisted them trying to pull them down to the pile below. A large gathering of leaves piled up at our front door as if to want an invitation to come in.

I looked up into the almost bare tree and wondered how many leaves fill a tree? 

The trunks of the trees now come in full view and they are original. The branches reach out in various ways and are unique. 

How is it that some branches grow up and out and even down? What makes one branch become two as they reach in different directions? 

The unique design of the tree is hidden in the fullness of the leaves.


Post Fall

By Caryl Van Alstyne Shugars 

Life is Like a Cookie Jar, 2019 


When all the leaves have fallen trees stand naked and alone 

No longer dressed in greenery no longer graced by nestling homes. 

I survey the now bleak landscape discovering secrets as I do 

The trees now grey are stalwart with beauty all their own 

Their life is resting, put on hold with branches lifted skyward 

They in their waiting secret hearts Meditate on God. 


The evergreens step forward and take over in the colorless woods. In our neighborhood, the scrub tree is as happy as can be, as soon it will be a Christmas tree!

The tree that is hidden beside the road all year will be decorated after Thanksgiving with lights, ornaments and tokens of love. 

New residents to our neighborhood may wonder who decorates this scrawny tree? We don’t know, as the decorations appear day by day as the tree enjoys the décor. 

It seems we put a smile on the tree.

This is a reminder of how we can put a smile on a lonely person, especially during this season.

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