I sat early in the morning reading, and as I glanced out on the lake a postcard picture appeared. Across the lake in the quiet waters I saw a mother deer and her two freckle-back fawns. I then saw their reflections as they stepped into the cool waters. One fawn was cautious and held back under a tree limb while he watched the two in the water. Soon, they all were together and the doe seemed to be licking her cautious one's face, perhaps encouraging him.

I eavesdropped on their quiet time until they slowly wandered back into the shadows of the trees. Their reflections were gone.

I returned to my reading, but the images of the reflections danced in my mind. The reflections of the deer were beautiful. But deer see the clouds in the sky as they drink and the leaves of the trees in the water. Reflections can be deceiving.

I have seen such beautiful pictures with reflections of bridges and mountains that it takes a moment to see which is the real object and what is the reflection. The real bridge will remain, while a change in wind can remove or distort the reflection.

Sometimes I see people and it is their reflection that I know and not the real person. There is so much more to the real person. The real person can be hugged and laughed or cried with. There have been people that I call dear friends now, that at one time were just a reflection of a friend and in my mind I had formed a reflection image of them. It was not a true image that I had allowed my mind to form. You cannot get to truly know a reflection.

I look in the mirror and see a reflection of me and it must be distorted, as I know the wrinkles and gray hair are actually in the mirror. (My mother use to live here).

Paul wrote that we see in a mirror dimly, a reflection, but someday we will see Jesus face to face. 1 Corinthians 13:12


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