A memory comes sailing out of the past, and what caused it to surface? Sometimes something we see on television? Photos we are looking at? Or was it what someone said?

The other night I was still awake hours after I had laid my head on the pillow. I got up to have some tea, and I didn’t need to turn a light on as the moon was like a searchlight illuminating the ground and trees and our living room. 

I stood there and looked out at the naked trees, and a memory came back.

The year was 1964, and we were in Ohio, living by Lake Erie. I could not sleep, and the moonlight lit up the yard. I looked out the window, and the bare tree branches waved back and forth as flakes of snow-covered their limbs.

Why was I not able to sleep?

There were things to think about and adjust to. A fourth baby was on its way, and we were new in the community.

Fifty-six years later, that daughter and family live here and are a blessing to us.

The memory of these two nights made me thankful for the conversation I had with the Lord about the fourth child. I was happy with the flashback.

I am not sure why I couldn’t sleep the other night, but sometimes when I watch an exciting sport, my body doesn’t settle down, and we watched the Titans play Texas, and the last seconds had me off my chair!

I know some flashbacks may not be happy ones, but some are like a warm fuzzy, a reminder of a good feeling, like when you hear your grandchild call you “Grandma” or “Grandpa” for the first time.

I couldn’t help but smile this year when I saw the red ball on our neighborhood scrub tree the day after Thanksgiving. Quickly in the following few days, the tree had lights, tinsel and a star. 

This obscure tree became a tree of beauty about four years ago and is appreciated until after the New Year. 

Today the tree is elusive again as it stands by the side of the road. It did a good job.

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