The past several Wednesdays, I went to the Farmers Market at the site of the old recreation center. The colorful tents are inviting as you meet the producers of the variety of fresh vegetables, flowers and baked goods. The natural color of these vegetables is vibrant. The red beets, carrots (some a purple or yellow) and deep green spinach and broccoli remind me of the times I gardened with my parents. It is so good to buy things made in the USA and not imported from a foreign country or shipped from California.

I bought new potatoes; “I dug them at 5: 30 this morning," the farmer said.

I laughed, “They still have their eyes shut,” I teased.

They were good, we had some last week, scrubbed and sliced with the skins on and put in the oven.

This week, the bags of fresh spinach caught my eye and the summer squash. I sautéed the summer squash with onions and peppers plus some herbs; they were delicious. I have started using coconut oil, like butter, in some of the things I am making, and I like it. When I come home from the Farmer’s Market, I am anxious to cook the things I picked out. This does not happen when I go to other grocery stores. I think it is because of a variety of things; I talk to the proud growers of the product, they bag it and I pay them. It is between them and me. Next week I can go back and tell them how good something was and it blesses them, or if I find a bad item they apologize and replace it. I have not had this happen this year. Sometimes they suggest a way of cooking something, which is interesting.

Squash is a good source of protein, vitamin A, thiamine, niacin, dietary fiber, vitamins C and K, B6 and other essential vitamins and minerals. Do not peel the squash.

Buying from our own farmers is healthy. I don’t have to think about the sweet corn being injected with a toxin to kill any insect that will attack the corn. Wholesale Foods, Trader Joe’s, and General Mills agreed not to use any Monsanto sweet corn products. So if you peel back the husk on your corn and see a worm, it means there aren’t any harmful toxins used to kill the insect. Good corn.

This has been your farm report, but I know many of us came from homes where we grew our own vegetables and somehow we forget how good the fresh homegrown products are.

Farmer’s Market is from 1-3 p.m. on Wednesday.