I have ventured into another book: Facebook. I know many have been there for quite some time and are on to Twittering or something else. I am slow of mind when entering the electronic world. I thought this would be a good way to advertise my books and network with others.

One by one, names and pictures of people and relatives who wanted to be my friends on Facebook started appearing. Just a click to ignore or confirm is all it takes. There were some people I did not know that wanted to be my friend, and I have a hard time clicking ignore. I laughed as I read some of the comments, “this is my first time on Facebook,” or “ I am new to this.” I appreciate those people and am drawn to them as they speak my language.

It has been fun to see and hear from some of my schoolmates from years past and it sparks some fun memories. I enjoy the grandchildren and all the photos that are posted and comments on what their day is like. Two of my granddaughters are into photography and they have new pictures daily, while another teen is into videos and I see some crazy hairstyles and dramas.

I was curious how it all began. I found it was the mind of a college lad Mark Zuckerberg, who was at Harvard. He had taken the dorm photo shots and put them side-by-side, and the receivers were to mark "Hot" or "Not." This quickly spread to other colleges and it carried the name of Facesmash. Three months later with several other business minded students he named it Facebook and now has 200 million users. The young man did not finish his schooling and at the age of 23 he is billionaire. Facebook came into existence in 2004.

The biggest problem with Facebook is that it attracts much of your time if you allow it. It is free to anyone over 13.

You could easily send greeting and gift cards and flowers to dozens of friends by the click of a key. You can take quizzes as different people challenge your knowledge. I try not to go there, as I know who would win. It is a book of many faces of friends and acquaintances around the country.

Maybe I will see you on Facebook.