The reception line after the wedding was missing one important member to the party — the groom. Those present were Barbara Byers as Christy Attackk, Cathy Muldoon as Anna Attackk, Dave Bouque as Karl Attackk, Tina Geisler as Tootsie Gass, Ed Lewis as Giuseppe Gass, Marti Miller as Gina the bridesmaid, and D. J. Garrison as Carmine the Slicer.

Two families came close to duking it out at the Fairfield Glade Community and Conference Center on Monday evening. No, it was not the famous Hatfields and McCoys, and it wasn't even the closer-to-the-mountain Tolletts and Swaffords. It was, instead, the renowned families of Gass, the sausage-making Italians known for taking care of their own legal and "swimming with the fishes" matters; and Attackk, a fun-loving Polish family, also in the sausage business, that just wants an eligible young man to appreciate the "natural beauty" of their daughter Christy enough to take her off their hands, well, marry her. As it turns out, Sammy Gass had his own reasons and did just that. The setting for all the compelling and revealing events to follow was the lavish wedding reception.

While the guests worried over why the bride groom never showed up and who may have "detained" him, dinner was served in several courses. Glimmering plates of shimmering Italian salad graced the tables as guests were seated. But, possibly more important, was the blood-red piece of wedding cake deliciously awaiting each guest's arrival. Woven almost seamlessly with the play, was a champaign toast and the lasagna dinner. Even so, there was still no Sammy the bride groom.

The play, "Widow Bride - Go Figure!," was the great comedy created by the extraordinarily active mind of local playwright Janie McMahon. It was presented as a fundraiser for the Fairfield Glade Ladies Club and filled the house at the Community Center.

"We filled all but two seats," said McMahon of the play's success. Proceeds will benefit the Ladies Club's well-respected scholarship fund.

Cast members were Barbara Byers playing Christy Attack, the bride; Cathy Muldoon playing Anna Attackk, mother of the bride; Dave Bouque playing Karl Attackk, father of the bride; Marti Miller playing Gina, maid of honor; Tina Geisler playing Tootsie Gass, mother of the groom; Ed Lewis playing Giuseppe Gass, uncle of the groom; D.J. Garrison playing Carmine the Slicer, best man; and Donna Garrison playing Maria Polinski, DJ for Polish Italian Gala Gatherings (PIGG). The stand-in actors included Debby Goergen, Laura Kaluszka and Glen Schimelpfenig. Helping with production and publicity were Cynthia Rossiter, Marion Miner, Pam Biggs, JoAnn Bunyak and Marjorie Philippe.

Public Safety Chief Charlie Seiber was thanked for giving a pass to all law breakers.

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