Following is a letter written to Cumberland County Mayor Brock Hill and shared with the Glade Sun.

Dear Mr. Hill:

On behalf of the citizens of Cumberland County, and especially Fairfield Glade, I would like to thank you for holding the "show cause" meeting regarding Comcast, Inc.

This company is truly characterized by (1) exorbitant prices, (2) poor customer service and (3) limited consumer choices. Customers have little recourse since there is no effective competition in the market. In such a situation the only alternative for consumers is to turn to governmental regulation or at least political pressure. Your meeting probably applied some of both.

Thank you very much.

W.F. Edwards

Fairfield Glade

Dear Editor:

Here are some random thoughts and/or opinions on a scattering of subjects.

Regarding how to make Peavine Rd. a bit safer before it becomes four lanes:

•Turn your headlights on whenever you drive in the Glade as shadows, etc., make it hard to see many cars.

•Move ALL signs, especially the "temporary" ones, at least 15-20 feet from the edge of the road, especially if near a driveway. Also limit the number of signs for any one event or business to two per location. No signs on telephone poles or fence posts.

•This will make me many enemies! Extend the 30 mph limit beyond the curve near Lefties. Why is it 30 where there are no commercial driveways, but 45 where all kinds of folks are exiting and entering Peavine?

•All drivers should assume, "Yes, that driver will pull out in front of you or turn in front of you." Be ready.

As the number of charitable donation centers and causes continues to increase, it may be time to try a couple of things. First, think about getting all of them together in one large location, finding a way to split up the goodies if they are not earmarked for a specific charity, and put a fleet of trucks out there to pick up stuff. Second idea, put an unmanned donation shed at both recycle centers, the outlet mall and the Village Green Mall area — one stop dumping.

Canterbury and St. George dams are more like drag strips. A speed bump at each end might help.

Why must I maintain the quiet muffler on my car, but obviously do not need to if I have a truck or motorcycle?

How about some reporting in the paper about what is or isn't happening in or near the Glade other than social events? Like the market building, the new building at Lakeview Dr. and Peavine, etc.?

Might be fun to have folks write in about restaurants, places of interest, etc., they have visited anywhere from here to Knoxville and or Nashville and wish to share with us.

George Foster

Fairfield Glade

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