Our police department officers sometimes begin their remarks to newly formed Neighborhood Watch groups by describing how neighbors began to lose touch with each other decades ago when air conditioning first came along. People started closing their windows to keep the cool air inside. And when they closed the windows, they closed the drapes. That pretty much ended the practice of keeping an eye on the neighborhood, visiting through open windows and relying on your neighbor for a cup of sugar when you ran out.

Getting to know your Fairfield Glade neighbors is important for many reasons, security being chief among them. The more you know about the people who live around you, and the more interaction you have with them, the more likely you are to spot anything out of the ordinary when they're not at home. And your observations could trigger a call to our police department and possibly avert criminal activity. Your Fairfield Glade Neighborhood Watch Coalition was established in 2011 and currently consists of 49 neighborhood groups that cover nearly 75 percent of the Glade.

But security isn't the only benefit of good neighbor relationships. Sharing useful information makes things easier when you need to find a great housekeeper or handyman for example, or where to purchase something you've been unable to locate. On top of that, having different skill sets can make repairs or adjustments easy when shared among neighbors.

Preserving the peace, tranquility and beauty of the neighborhood benefits everybody. And it seems to happen naturally when we become friends with those living around us. We tend to be more polite … more neighborly if you will. That means avoiding loud music especially later in the evening. We're careful to pick up what our dogs leave behind on neighborhood walks. And we keep things in order around our homes. These things tend to happen naturally in tightly knit neighborhoods.

Here in Fairfield Glade, we strongly believe in neighborhood interaction. That's why we organize get togethers like our Mirror Lake Concert Series, movie nights, the Memorial Day Blast, the Labor Day End of Summer Blast and many other events providing you an opportunity to meet and bond with fellow "Gladers."

And finally, we'd like to point out that an ancient Czech proverb tells us, "A good neighborincreases the value of your property."

• • • 

FGCC Board of Directors and Senior Management Team (SMT)