The Druid Hills Clubhouse has been a part of our Fairfield Glade Community for almost 50 years. 

During that time, it has served as a restaurant/lounge, large event venue, facility for our large holiday meals, and a place where people could meet to play cards, board games or just visit. Druid Hills also has the distinction of being our oldest golf facility. 

It is now time to begin the process for determining what should the next Druid Hills Clubhouse facility provide for our growing community.


What are we doing?

The board of directors has authorized the formation of an advanced planning team to begin the process of developing the requirements for the next Druid Hills Clubhouse complex. 

During the rest of 2021, the advanced planning team will:

• Consider any strategic issues that may affect the scope of what can be done at Druid Hills

• Develop a communications plan that will keep community members and key stakeholders informed and involved throughout the multi-year phased project

• Set up the project for success and apply learnings from recent large projects (Racquet Center, Stonehenge and Heatherhurst) to effectively manage the project

• Set up a project structure that maximizes community involvement


What is the high-level timeline?

Following is the high-level tentative timeline for this complex project:

• Rest of 2021 — Consider strategic issues, set up project organization, and define scope of the project

• First half of 2022 — Work on detailed planning for the “new” Druid Hills clubhouse complex

• Second half of 2022 — Finalize plans and contracting for construction work in 2023

• 2023 — Begin Phase 1 of building/remodeling and planning for Phase 2

• 2024 — Complete Phase 1 of building/remodeling and TBD


Who is doing the work, and who do I contact if I have a question?

Members of the advanced planning team are:

• Greg Jones, team leader — board of directors member and liaison for the golf committee

• Bruce Cox — board of directors member and treasurer

• Jeff Houston — FGCC director of golf

• Mike Johnson — Golf committee chair

• Jay McCarthy — MCPC chair

• Bob Weber — general manager

Email if you have questions.

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