Albert Einstein once said, "If you cannot explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Then again, he never had to explain the ACC, the PSC, their differences, and the policies they represent. However, because we feel it is crucial that our members appreciate the roles of these committees and their importance, we're going to attempt to clarify them a bit. So please keep reading.

ACC is an acronym for our Architectural Control Committee. PSC is an acronym for our Property Standards Committee. These committees were created to assist the Board of Directors in achieving the Mission and Vision statements of Fairfield Glade listed below and to clarify the intent of the Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs). 


"The Fairfield Glade Community Club will continuously improve the resort lifestyle experience while fostering and promoting a strong sense of community."


"Fairfield Glade will continue to be a growing resort/retirement community and will be one of the best-value master-planned communities in the U.S."

The ACC and PSC are similar but different in several areas, including a focus on new homes and exterior home improvements by the ACC and a focus on maintenance of homes by the PSC. Through these committees, a consistent appearance and aesthetic values are perpetuated in the community, critical to maintaining property values. 

The ACC and the PSC are defined by their areas of influence as noted below: 

• ACC Policy Ownership- Docks; Exterior Residential Lighting; Fence Policy; Flag and Flagpole Policy; Hazard Species Policy; Home Addition Policy; New Home Policies; Solar Panel Installation; Tree Policy and Variance and Appeal Policy; 

• PSC Policy Ownership- Clothesline, Garbage Cans, Woodpile; Nuisance Pet; Open Burning; Parking Policy; Property Standards; and Sign Policy.

There are additional policies managed by other committees or entities. For example, Aquatic Vegetation Management is overseen by the Lakes Committee, while Lot-Merger policy, is managed by the Lot Merger Committee comprised of two Board members and the General Manager. Household trash policies and requirements are handled by the Director of Community Maintenance.

Policy Changes

All proposed policy changes must be submitted to the Board for preliminary approval. After that, the Board sends the policy draft to the membership for a review and comment period of about 30 days. The policy with any adjustments based on member comments can only be adopted with a majority vote of the Board members at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Some Properties Are Exempt

At the risk of creating confusion, it's important to know there are certain properties within Fairfield Glade which are not subject to these policies. Until the end of the Development period at which time the Developer no longer owns land or lots for sale, all multi-family associations, including the timeshare associations, are exempt from our ACC rules, as they have their own set of rules covering the appearance of their neighborhoods. In addition, there are commercial properties such as the Village Green Mall, along with churches that are not part of our Association and therefore not governed by our C&Rs. However, in a spirit of camaraderie, they carefully maintain their properties to help us achieve our Mission and Vision statements.

Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated, And The Answers Simple.

So there you have it. Everything you ever wanted to know about the ACC and the PSC. If you had questions about these committees and what they do, hopefully, we've answered them for you, simply and insightfully.

If in doubt about anything related to the appearance of the exterior of your property please call the ACC office at 931-707-2149.