We haven't forgotten the disaster that struck Gatlinburg on Nov. 28, 2016. A hot, dry autumn fueled what the mayor of Gatlinburg called "a fire for the history books." Before it was controlled, 14 lives were lost, 190 people were injured and and more than 2,400 structures were damaged or destroyed. 

And because we remember, Fairfield Glade Community Club has been exercising our best options to reduce the likelihood of such a tragedy happening here. This year we went a step further, forming a committee to act even more proactively to this potential threat. 

The committee is made up of members from the FG board of directors, Fairfield Glade Volunteer Fire Department, Fairfield Glade Police Department, the club's environmental committee, Architectural Control Committee and Property Standards Committee. Every member of this group is committed to one goal, that of keeping Fairfield Glade as safe as humanly possible from the threat of wildfires during this critical period.

The committee's initial action is communicating to all our residents, four important steps that should be taken now for the protection of your home. Some areas of Fairfield Glade are more susceptible to wildfires than others. We encourage every homeowner to first look around your part of the community and assess the potential danger of a wildfire spreading to your property.

Listed below are four critical actions you should take immediately to help prevent the spread of fire around your property:

1. Clear an area of as many flammables as possible at least 30 feet deep around your home.

2. Prune large trees so that the lowest branches are at least six to 10 feet off the ground.

3. Clear leaves and other debris from your roof, gutters and eaves.

4. Have a disaster plan: 

       a) Heed warnings from Fairfield Glade Community Club e-blasts.   

       b) Be familiar with the four ways out of Fairfield Glade.  

       c) Have a plan for your pets.

This Ad Hoc Committee will be sending out additional information in the form of e-blasts. Please be on the alert for this important information. The month of November is the start of wildfire season in Tennessee, and we are planning a town hall meeting dealing with wildfire issues sometime in late October or early November.

It's been said, "History is a vast early warning system." Remember the Gatlinburg tragedy, and let it serve as a warning to which we all respond.  

• • •

FGCC Board of Directors and Senior Management Team (SMT) — board@fairfieldglade.cc 

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