Demand for houses in Fairfield Glade has become so great in the past year that anyone wanting a new home built will have to wait longer than usual — probably much longer. 

Builders such as Fairfield Homes and Zurich Homes can’t build them fast enough to keep up with demand. 

Zurich has a customer waiting list of about a year. That’s the time before building begins. Add about eight months for the construction. 

 “We are busier now than we ever have been,” said Isaac Zuercher, owner and president of the company that has divisions in Fairfield Glade and Nashville. The company has been building houses in Fairfield Glade since 2005. 

The builder of upscale homes usually has a waiting list of three to four months. 

Zurich is on track to build 20 homes here this year, four more than last year, Zuercher said. It typically builds 11-15. 

Fairfield Homes builds 30-40 of the approximately 100 homes constructed each year. Misty Galloway, general manager of Fairfield Glade’s largest homebuilder and broker of Glade Realty, said it could have built more than the 35 houses of last year, but shortages in labor and building materials because of COVID-19 slowed down some construction.  

“It’s taking longer to build homes because of the pandemic,” she said.  

Both Zuerker and Galloway said the pandemic has made Fairfield Glade more attractive to homebuyers. 

Zuercher said some people who are uneasy in highly populated areas because of the virus don’t want to live where there are crowds; they now want to live in a single-family house with space around them. 

“The pandemic encouraged people to want to move from more urban areas to more rural areas,” Zuercher said. 

Galloway said the thinking at the start of the pandemic was that it would send the real estate market downward. It had the opposite effect. The problem now is that there aren’t enough existing homes available or sufficient resources needed for some new construction.  

“There could be more people moving here if there were more opportunities for homes,” she said.

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