On the weekend of Sept. 27, 2007, the Men’s 60s Super Seniors and the Men’s 70s Super Seniors captured the state championship undefeated in Knoxville. That’s right, Fairfield Glade Men’s 60s and Men’s 70s 3.5 players are state champions! “Little ole Fairfield Glade” beat all the big cities (Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville, and Tri-Cities-META). How did this happen? Some of the guys are still wondering how they pulled it off. Now the teams go to sectionals in March 2008 against 10 states in this country.

The 60s team consisted of players Frank Edwards, Ken Miller, John Ferguson, Larry Dove, Jim Mansfield, Ron Reynolds, Don DeBerry, and Big Dan Tingle. Bill Van Keuren was the captain.

The 70s team consisted of Colby Ardis, Joe Peterson, Jim Smith, Hank Bartos, Ed Steele, Ron Reynolds, and Tom Lusk. Colby Ardis captained this team with Joe Peterson’s help.

Ron Reynolds played on both teams and must be considered the "Most Valuable Player" for his versatile play and endurance.

Tom Lusk, at 80 years old, had a match point shot when his opponent smashed one right at him and Tom, with his athleticism, held his racket in front of his body to block the "bullet" and send the ball with a defensive lob over his opponent's head for the match winning point!

So why did this little community up on the Cumberland Plateau win? A take on this is that Fairfield Glade residents live a healthy, active lifestyle, which allows retired athletes, both men and women, to excel at what they love to do. This is good advertising for this community. It’s not all based on numbers, but on quality of lifestyle.

The community is very proud of these guys and their three-day accomplishment and hopes everyone will congratulate these men for what they have done.

The women did well and they are doing much better at the state level, and the ladies could be bringing home the state trophy soon, also.

If you are interested in tennis and want to give it a try, there are all kinds of programs in place for the beginner as well as for the more experienced player. For information, call 484-3758.

Also, during the Round Robin Club Championships, Nov. 2-3, the tennis center has its big sale with 15 percent above cost on all inventory!

Come and see the action, buy holiday presents, and walk through the home of the 2007 state champions!

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