To the Editor,

The Cumberland Medical Center Wellness Complexes at Crossville and Fairfield Glade do not ask for credit card information over the telephone from members.

We praise the vigilance of three members, who recognized something was wrong when they were contacted by someone attempting to get such information. They said “no” to the request and notified us. We notified the police.

We thank the Crossville Police Department for issuing a public warning and the local radio stations for broadcasting it.

The staffs of the Wellness Complexes devote many hours daily to the safety and protection of our members. We consider their personal and financial information something we must guard vigorously.

A team approach is our style in improving fitness, and the quick “team” response to this criminal intent certainly is appreciated by the staff and members of the Complexes.

Tres Baucum

Facilities Manager

CMC Wellness Complexes

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