Dear editor,

It would appear from your brief editorial and the letter on the front page of the Aug. 19, 2010, Glade Sun, that the Democratic candidate for the 25th District representative is attempting to avoid the tainted record of the Democratic party. He doesn't want to talk about anything but local issues.

My only problem with that is, he advises he has been a 12-year commissioner in Bledsoe County. Are we to believe he has been an Independent politician all that time? If he was a Democrat, he must bear some of the party's responsibility for the county's local, state, and national situation.

On the other hand, if he has been a Republican, what's he doing running as a Democrat?

Either party is made up by its parts.

Oh, by the way, that sure is a handsome photograph on the front page. Comparing that with the picture of his Crossville opponent, Cameron Sexton, whoever is elected, we'll have a good looking representative here in District 25.

Robert W. Boncher

Crossville, TN 38558