Currently, Fairfield Glade is definitely a "hot spot!" Real estate is selling fast at near full asking price and far above prices of just 12 months ago, building is booming, remodeling is very apparent, golf courses are very busy, the mall is finally operating full, and an abundance of restaurants gives all the opportunity of choice!

But, we don't have a grocery store! But, we do have an uninformed [person] living in the Glade. The "[person]" is apparently unaware of "free trade" in our world and has taken "the administration" to task for not providing a grocery store.

The "[person]" needs to define "the administration!" If the reference is to the Fairfield Glade Community Club board of directors — it is not my intent to defend the board, but I believe they are doing a fine job — I believe she is out of order as I doubt if there are any edicts directing the board to "provide a grocery store!"

My thinking is that "the board" takes on the aroma of government and the more it stays out of "the less it can screw up!"

Free trade indicates that the current Peavine Road "eyesore" was created between private parties — a private party bought the land from a private owner and has run into unknown issues — the land did not belong to Fairfield Glade and the board did not "screw it up!" The Fairfield Glade board has more worthwhile directions to attend to than worrying about a grocery store!

Dick Malsack

Fairfield Glade

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