Lion Roy A. Koskinen of the Fairfield Glade Lions Club was named the District 12-0 Lion of the Decade during the 50th Annual District Convention held at Cookeville on March 11. As a result of this award, Lion Koskinen will be entered in the state contest competing against the other four district winners. The Multiple District 12 Lion of the Decade winner will be announced at the MD-12 State Convention in Chattanooga on May 20. This convention is being hosted this year by District 12-0.

Lion Roy was born in Detroit, MI with his family later moving to Rochester, MI where he graduated from high school. Upon graduation, he attended General Motors Institute (GMI) obtaining his B.S. in mechanical engineering, and later getting his master's degree from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, OH.

Roy and his wife, Judy, just celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in February. They have three married sons — Scott located in Detroit; Kyle living in Saline, MI; and Erik in Denver, CO. Erik's wife just delivered their third grandson, William Scott, on March 7, now bringing the total to seven grandchildren. Lion Koskinen moved to the Glade in 1994 after retiring from GMI, serving 31 years as a member of the mechanical engineering faculty.

In 1995, Lion Koskinen joined the Fairfield Glade Lions Club and immediately became involved in its activities. During the year 1996-97, he was a member of the board of directors and the following year was chosen as the 1st vice president of the club. During that time, he challenged the club to support the Operation KidSight program and commit to a challenge goal of $50,000 — the largest such project ever undertaken by the club.

Serving as president from 1998 until 2000, Roy also headed up the first fund-raising effort for Operation KidSight, raising over $18,000. The groundwork was laid, culminating in raising over $64,000 during a three-year period, partnering with the Crossville Lions Club at the same time. Roy has had perfect attendance since he joined the club in 1995.

You will always find Lion Koskinen involved in the club's various fund-raising projects: White Cane, Travelogue and Cheese — doing whatever needs to be done. He designed a special club brochure, published the club's directory, assisted with new-member orientation, the golf tournament etc.

Lion Koskinen has been heavily involved as club coordinator for Operation Outreach since its beginning, helping to train volunteers, soliciting groups to have their children tested and promoting it throughout the community and district. The club has gone from testing 187 children in 1997-98 to now doing almost 1,000 locally each year. He has also assisted Lions in Bledsoe County and Jamestown to conduct the photo screening.

During the current Lions' year, Lion Roy has served as chairman of the Fairfield Glade Lions Club Sight Committee, overseeing the testing of almost 2,000 children in Cumberland County and the Bledsoe County school systems. In addition, he is serving as editor of the District 12-0 newsletter, doing this for the fourth time during the past five years.

Since his two terms as president, the club has gone from a membership of 70 to over 130, becoming the largest Lions club in MD-12. The club honored Lion Koskinen in 2002 as the Lion of the Year and presented him with a Melvin Jones Fellow award.

Lion Koskinen is a member of the Fairfield Glade Community Church and is actively involved in their programs in a myriad of ways. In the past, he served four years as a member of the church board; was an assistant treasurer of the church, sound engineer, Presbytery Delegate Commissioner, a member of the bell choir and organized the counting system. He is currently co-chairman of the sound system, a bell ringer in the Bell Choir, and continues to be an assistant treasurer of the church.

In the community at large, he is ever mindful of the needs and assists in numerous ways, now working as volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Cumberland County. "Reliable, trustworthy, innovative and dedicated to his community, church and Lionism — this is the mark of Roy A Koskinen," stated Past District Governor Keith D. Pontius.

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