With warmer weather comes the opportunity for everyone to do a walk around the outside of their homes and any accompanying buildings, docks, gazebos, and the like, to ascertain their condition. 

The Fairfield Glade Property Standards Policy of March 24, 2016, requires that all structural elements must be in good repair, free from peeling or noticeably fading paint, loose boards, excessive mildew or rust. Additionally all structural elements must be firmly attached.

The painting or repainting of all exterior buildings, walls, decks, doors, etc. must be approved by the Fairfield Glade Architectural Control Committee (ACC). 

The requisite ACC form to submit is called "Request To Repaint Exterior of Home" and is available at the ACC office and the Fairfield Glade.cc website in the member section under the my property, ACC forms section.

The form is fairly self-explanatory. The upper portion is for member and property identification. The ACC office will fill in the property number for residents who do not know theirs. Paint samples will need to be included with the request even if repainting with a previously approved paint color. The color will need to be specified for each area. 

The specific painting areas covered on the form are the overall exterior of the house, foundation, trim, front door, garage door and shutters. The "other" line covers such things as stairs, decks, docks, gazebos and the like. Residents are recommended to provide any additional appropriate information regarding their painting project. For instance, sheds, like homes, have doors, trim and shutters, and some gutters, and if multiple paint colors will be used they should be specified. For example, on the form's "other" line, write: "Stain shed and door gray. Paint trim white." In addition, if a contractor is to be used residents need to provide their name and start date.

In the acknowledgment and signature section of the form residents are agreeing to 3 things: 1) To obtain ACC approval prior to commencement of the work requested on the form; 2) To return the Notice of Completion form to the ACC office to facilitate their final inspection; and 3) To the permanent installation of the required address sign. The Notice of Completion Form will be included along with the ACC's written approval letter.  

The very bottom portion of the form "ACC Approval Information" is to be left blank and is for ACC internal office use only.

The ACC office's usual approval time on a received Request To Repaint Exterior of Home Form is usually within 5 days.

As always, specific questions or concerns related to any property policy or request should be directed to the ACC office at 931-707-2149.

While the above specific details for completing the form may initially seem daunting, it only takes a minute or so to complete provided that the required information is on hand. Hopefully this article will be of some assistance.

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