Often when talking about Fairfield Glade Community Club, we focus on our membership, the Board or our general manager. We often forget there are 270 salaried, full-time and part-time employees, plus another 190 seasonal employees working hard to make our community look and feel like home. 

This edition of “Magnified” is dedicated to recognizing these hard workers and thanking them for all they do every day. Many are our friends and neighbors. Many drive a distance every day to get to their jobs. Many we see every time we use a Community Club facility. And many we never see, but they are all part of our Community Club family.  

Our Community maintenance team has 30 employees, including managers, certified electricians, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialists, welders, ASE certified mechanics and CDL (commercial driver license) holders. All together this team represents 216 years of professional experience.  

The Fairfield Glade Sewer System team is 12 strong. Included are: managers, certified wastewater treatment plant operators, wastewater collection systems operators, a licensed electrician, welder and CDL holders. As a group, they total over 58 years of professional experience.  

The Community and Conference Center team (CCC, events, pools, mini-golf and bus tours) has 45 salaried, full-time and part-time members, along with 15 seasonal team members and two certified CDL holders. This team can boast 132 years of hospitality related experience.  

Racquet sports requires a staff of eight, including two tennis professionals. Combined, the racquet sports team totals 39 years of racquet sports related experience.  

And because we have docks, boats, bait and tackle, we have a Marina team with 21 seasonal employees representing 128 years of related experience.  

As you might guess with five golf courses, Fairfield Glade requires 57 salaried, full and part-time employees, plus 146 seasonal team members. We have seven PGA professionals, one certified turf grass superintendent, and five GCSAA members. All together, the golf team represents a whopping 1,195 years of golf related experience.  

And because it also takes a lot of people to prepare great food and serve us in our restaurants, our food and beverage team has 70 people on staff. This includes managers along with eight others certified in ServSafe, Food Service, CEC (Certified Executive Chef) or Nutrition.

We take security seriously here in the Glade. That's why the Fairfield Glade Police Department consists of 13 sworn officers, three civilian staff and six volunteer auxiliary officers. Numerous members of the department have received extensive training in law enforcement specialties. This training qualifies them for certifications including: FBI Certified Hostage Negotiator, Motor Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Specialist, DUI and Radar Instructor. The team includes FBI Academy graduates, Northwestern University of Police and Staff Command graduates, University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Institute graduates, DEA Criminal Interdiction graduates and the Reed Institute of Interview & Interrogation graduates. Chief Mike Williams and his leadership team total 75 years of law enforcement experience, while the department as a whole has over 350 years of experience in law enforcement.

And finally, Fairfield Glade's Administration comprises 42 staffers, including salaried, full and part-time members. This team includes managers certified as CPA, SPHR (Senior Professionals in Human Resources), Microsoft Pro, Database Administrator, Systems Engineer, CompTIA Network+, Cisco Entry Networking Tech, Network Assoc. & Network or Assoc. Security. A total of 363 years is represented by members of the Fairfield Glade Administration.

This is our version of a Fairfield Glade Community Club family portrait. Like any family, some members we see every day, while others we rarely see, but they're all there working because it takes the whole family to run this village we call Fairfield Glade.  

To each of you, our thanks for all you do to make us feel at home.