In 2005, more than 300,000 of our "home-grown" minnows were scatter-planted into Fairfield Glade lakes. More minnows equate to healthier, bigger fish. This year's minnow harvest will yield about the same numbers as last year.

Volunteer members from the Lakes Committee and from the Bass Club are taught the "how to, why and where" of minnow trapping and transporting. Great care is taken to prevent any loss of minnows during their journey from the catch pond to their new lake home.

Not having to buy these minnows from an outside source saved the Glade thousands of dollars in re-stocking costs. Our "minnow farm" is a by-product of the tertiary pond at the new waste water treatment plant. Larry Walker and Price Wilkins provided the leadership in this creative win-win effort.

This "thought you'd like to know" lake update is provided by the lakes committee.

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