Want a farmer's market in the Glade? That's one of the hot new topics coming to the surface for consideration during 2011. A meeting is planned later.

President Bob Citkovick began is message to the members at December's board meeting with "Snow, Snow, Snow!

"One of my reasons, and I’m sure many of you agree with me," said Citkovic, "for moving to Fairfield Glade was my expectation of milder winters, and significantly less snow! I did look forward to the four seasons here, with the joys that the change of each season brings. The first bloom of crocus in spring, the mild, golf filled summer days, the beautiful change of color in the fall, and the light dusting of snow, that is melted and gone by noon the next day. If this winter overload is a glimpse of things to come, this spring will overload our senses with the beautiful sights and fragrances of flowers, we will all shoot par, and ace a hole this summer, and the fall spectacular will out do the fall in the northeast!

"What happened? I have talked to people who have lived here all their life, and they say that they remember bigger storms, but not one after another like we have had this year. If, in the future, we go three or four winters with no snow, I will not miss it! Not only has this winter been hard on us physically, but it has had an impact to our budget. The three snow storms we received individually were all slightly above normal. However, when you experience them back to back to back, it changes things significantly. I hope the rest of the season is much milder than we have seen so far.

We had four pieces of equipment running almost all the time, but with supplies hard to get, equipment breakdowns, and limits on human endurance, a routine job turned into a major operation. Most of our residents helped our crews by allowing them to have the right of way if they are near them, and staying off the roads completely, and we thank you for that. The plan was to keep the main roads open so security, fire, and EMS crews could get to everyone if necessary. Their vehicles are better equipped to handle situations like this. Once the main roads are cleaned the attention goes to secondary roads. However, if the snow is still falling, and the main roads continue to collect snow, the secondary roads will be put off as the crews return to clear the main roads. Most residents understand this, and we have heard and received many complements. There will always be a few who don’t understand why their street wasn’t plowed first!"

General Manager Harvey Hoffman was pleased budget year 2010 finished as well as it did. The club managed to finish better than budget estimates. Savings were achieved through stronger golf rounds, restaurant sales, asphalt paving delay, and employee cost savings.

ACC — Fran Dwyer

Single family dwellings — 3

Manufactured & Mobile homes — 0

Under construction — 68

Completed — 5

Cancellations — 0

Miscellaneous projects — 14

Long Range Planning — Ralph Swift

The LRP has had two meetings and w workshop where priorities were determined for 2011:

• During the first quarter, they will concentrate on some updating some surveys of residents.

• Second quarter, land use strategies will be studied.

• Parking during activities at the Glade will be studied during the third quarter.

• Assist the board on any issues regarding incorporation.

• Alternative marina strategies, since fishing and boating rank second only to golf in the Glade.

Swift thought the committee would do a re-evaluation of their strategies after the second quarter of the year.

Tennis — Sue Allen

The tennis committee has set some new long- and short-term goals. They want to increase the number of people playing tennis. They've added pickleball time to the courts. A "Never-Ever" beginners class is currently being taught by Ann Flint, tennis manager. The committee is considering more tournaments, how to bump up sales, and forming additional subcommittees to focus on specific subjects.

Fire — Jim Etzel

In 2010, the fire department responded to 105 calls — that's up from 60 in 2009. There were 16 actual fires, one explosion (which happened when someone set off fireworks inside a car), 39 emergency support (24 landing zones for the emergency helicopter were set up), two service calls, two hazardous condition calls, and 23 false alarms.

Etzel reported that the reason FEMA gave for denying the most recent grant request was due to the low number of calls in the Glade compared to other areas in the nation.

A future grant request will be made for a ladder truck, and especially considering the opening of the senior living facility being constructed by the Good Samaritan Society. That facility is slated to open this summer.

The structure of the fire department has been reorganized into a job structure format.

Engineers — drivers and pump operators

Interior Firefighters — wear air packs and enter structures

Exterior Firefighters — lay out hoses and perform other outside jobs

With the ISO inspection over, the committee will turn its focus to more long range planning. They are hoping funds will be available sometime in the future for not only the ladder truck, but to replace a 37 year old truck and another one that's 20 years old.


Golf — no report.

Controller — Regina Welch

There were approximately 2,700 past due accounts in December 2010. Welch explained that some of these accounts are just "slow payers."

During 2010, there were 138 lot transfers, with an additional 24 lot transfers left pending.

Welch said she commends the board, general manager, and department heads for the superior way they dealt with the economic shortfalls of the past year. Savings were achieved by delaying some work, close supervision of labor and employee costs as well as material and supply costs. When the losses were tallied, they were only about half as much as was budgeted.

The full year-end budget report is posted on the club's website, www.fairfieldglade.cc, if you want to take a closer look at this year's loss and success rate.

Public Safety — Charlie Seiber

For December 2010:

Radar — 18 hours

Citations — 17 (10 speeding, 1 registration, 1 no insurance, and five others unspecified)

Arrests — 3 (2 on outstanding warrants, 1 driving on suspended/revoked license)

Burglaries — 2 (26 total for year; thefts were 57 for the year)

Ambulance calls — 62

Residential assists — 36

House checks — 272

Accidents without injury — 2

Fire — Howard Robb

Fire Report for the month of December, 2010


12/03/11 - 545 Snead Dr., Gas Leak

12/07/11 - 130 Stonehenge Dr., Smoke Detector

12/07/11 - 130 Stonehenge Dr., Smoke Detector

12/09/11 - 154 Pomeroy Dr., LZ EMS Assist

12/10/11 - 460 Snead Dr., Smoke Oder

12/12/11 - 279 Forest Hill Dr., Vehicle Accident

12/12/11 - 312 Stonehenge Dr., Vehicle Accident

12/12/11 - 104 Brockhaven Ln., Vehicle Accident

11/12/11 - Greenwood, Brokenwood Ln., Vehicle Accident

12/13/11 - Valarian/Stonehenge., Vehicle Accident


12/06/11 - Safety Meeting

12/16/11 - Board Meeting

No Committee or Department

Training — No December Training


11/02/10 - Crab Orchard Water Report

- 9 Service Calls

Community Services — Jeff Warren

The road maintenance crew did a great job during the recent snow/ice event. Some of the workers even slept out here in order to be sure they got the work done. They put a lot of hours in and performed as a team. Warren was very complimentary of those who worked clearing the roads. Apparently the Glade also benefited from the two-hour loan of a grader belonging to the city that had been loaned to the county. The help from the new road supervisor, Scott Blaylock, has been an improvement, said Warren.

A sewer leak in Robin Hood Park has been fixed.

As workers were gathering garbage recently, a live round of ammunition fell out of the trash. Residents a highly encouraged to use some other method of disposing of live rounds of ammunition. The garbage truck compresses the sacks of garbage as it goes along. This could cause a round to explode causing some damage.

A resident in the audience commended the department for the excellent way they kept the Glade's roads passable in the snowy weather.

Operations — Tommy Lee

The division has a new department — Media and Marketing, staffed by Karyn Wade. She has already developed a marketing/promotion calendar for the 2011 calendar year as well as implemented a system for other media outlets. To take advantage of all the divisions events/offerings, check www.fairfieldglade.cc daily. It is updated daily now.

Another item useful during inclement weather: You can call the Community and Conference Center as early as 7 a.m. for an update on any delayed openings and closures of the operations facilities.

Lee was pleased the division finished 2010 with better overall numbers than in 2009. "I'm very proud of the food and beverage team," said Lee.

"Although the division was off 2009's financial performance by $60,497 midway through the year, the food and beverage team was able to turn that performance around and at year end we outperformed 2009, which, considering the economy, was no small feat.

"In changing both the operation and theme of Stonehenge, its performance exceeded 2009's by 48 percent.

"December banquets were down and three annual club events were canceled due to low participation interest, but overall, financial performance exceeded last year by $16,566 in net revenue."

In recreation, Lee reported, "Our flexibility and quick reaction to declining revenues kept the division within budgeted range. . . . A strong performance in December (had) net revenues exceeding budget by $5,943.

"Tennis finished well ahead of budget for the fourth month in a row. The biggest challenge, financially, for the year was overcoming the shortfall in expected gross revenues. Subcommittees are being formed to explore new promotions."

Board action:

Approved. Appropriation request in the amount of $22,260, for the buyout lease schedule #2 — Macquarie/computer/network equipment. (It was noted that to renew the lease for this equipment would cost approximately $50,000.)

And finally, President Bob Citkovic wanted to make one thing clear to members. He owns his own snow plow. He removes snow from his own driveway, his neighbors' driveways, and clears his street. He does not use the club's equipment for such purposes.