In November of 2012, Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) started what has proven to be a much needed and well received program of delivering meals to the residents of Fairfield Glade. Setting up this program took the better part of a year as all aspects from enrollment, finding proper packaging for the meals, preparation of the meals, finding volunteer dispatchers and drivers, obtaining insurance, and developing an accounting system all had to be put into place. After all this was accomplished, the program was ready to be launched. However, FGRS needed to find the residents it could help. Calling first on the churches of the community, FGRS was given the names of those people who could benefit most. Those unable to prepare meals, those unable to drive to the grocery store, those who had just returned home from a hospital stay or from some other medical facility were the residents FGRS wanted to help.

A call went out for volunteer drivers and within a week there were 40 people who said they wanted to volunteer their time to help their neighbors. What a great response! A savvy dispatcher was found in Jan Frazier, who found six other women who would help her in coordinating deliveries, communicating with clients and drivers, placing orders from the kitchen (read on), but most of all, making sure everything ran smoothly.

FGRS representatives, Joan Fredericks, and Nancy Moakley initially visited 16 residents who it was believed could benefit from this program. Not all thought they were ready for this service; and so, when the initial interviews were over, FGRS had nine residents who wanted to join the program. This was a great way to begin. Over the course of the last year that number has grown. A total of 2,117 meals have been delivered to 44 residents and as this program grows, we are sure there are still more people in Fairfield Glade who would benefit by sign up for Home Delivered Meals.

FGRS was very fortunate to be able to negotiate with and get the Good Samaritan Society – FG to agree to prepare the meals in their kitchen. Chef James packages the meals from the same menu he serves to those living on the Good Samaritan campus. The meals are placed in a disposable tray and sealed for protection before being placed in heated carriers or coolers for home delivery. 

The amazing volunteer drivers take over from there and pick up the meals and deliver them to the clients on their routes. Clients can sign up for either three or six meals a week, which are delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday around noon. Those receiving six meals a week receive a hot meal for that day and a cold meal for the next day with each delivery. Nothing but positive comments have been received regarding the quality of the food. With individual likes and dislikes taken into consideration, the meals get an A+ rating. The clients love the drivers and often invite them in to visit. It’s a shame they can’t as they have others waiting for their meals.

FGRS has been fortunate to be able to offer these meals at a very modest cost of $5 per meal. The meals include a soup, an entrée, a desert and a beverage. It actually cost more than that to supply these meals, but FGRS, a charitable organization, feels this is a great way to help our fellow residents.

Are you in need of this service? Do you know any of your neighbors who are not eating properly and could benefit from FGRS’s Home Delivered Meals? If so, don’t hesitate to call FGRS at 456-7272. FGRS is sorry, but we cannot deliver outside of Fairfield Glade.

This is one of many programs sponsored by FGRS who believes that “Together We Can Enhance Our Quality of Life.”

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