The 2019 Fairfield Glade Member/Member golf tournament Aug. 10-11 was another great success. 

A total of 352 golfers enjoyed two days of golf, Friday’s reception and continental breakfast and lunch each day.

The ladies overall low net winners were Chris Nagy and Linda Lebreux (111). The gold tee men’s overall low net winners were Dwight Wages and Michael Pope (110). The white tee overall low net winners were Shane Day and Shane Baily (112). 

The Fairfield Glade Member/Member golf tournament would not be possible without the support of our sponsors.  The platinum sponsors were: Action Heating and Cooling, Benchmark Physical Therapy, Cumberland Eye Care, Cumberland Medical Center, Dave Kirk Automotive, First National Bank of TN, Hot Springs Spa, Jan’s Wine and Liquor and Servpro of Cumberland, Morgan and White Counties. Gold sponsors were: Cherokee Beverage, Coca Cola Enterprises, Food City, Hilliard Lyons and Zurich Homes. The silver sponsors were: A-1 Auto Repair, Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Bed and Biscuit Kennels, Best Friends Veterinary, Better Homes & Gardens/ GWIN Realty, Clearview Closet & Blind, Crossville Family Chiropractic, Crossville Wholesale Carpets, Crye-Leike Brown Realty, Forte’s on the Square, Gernt Insurance, Glade Realty, Golf Capital Learning Center, Good Samaritan Society, Happy Hound Realty, Jeff Woods Construction, J.P. Nascar, Mayberry’s Home Complete, Merle Norman Cosmetics & Boutique, Shadden Tire Company, Tastykake/Flower Bakery, Tim Tewalt, The Dogwalk Resort & Spa, Witt Financial Group and Crossville Smiles.

The final results are as follows:

Flight Winners:

Red 1

Low Gross

First: Suzie Rhodes-Suzanne Clarksean 135

Second: Jean Kraft-Chris Kencitzski 136

Third: Nancy Harper-Rhonda Huddleston 141

Fourth: Judy Rich-Becky Leeper 148

Fifth: Julie Cook-Vicki Bradshaw 152

Low Net

First: Ginger Edwards-Melanie Fawbush 116

Second: Pam McCarthy-Julie Moore 116

Third: Marty Wennermark-Hazel Robinson 118

Fourth: Ellen Piersol- Janis Gifford 119

Fifth: Barbara Alexander-Susan Summers 123


Red 2

Low Gross

First: Kathy Allard-Sue Allen 163

Second: Dale Renton-Jeani Miller 164

Third: Young-Boon Cantey-Nancy Martin 164

Fourth: Donna Walters-Sandy Inman 167

Fifth: Sue Kitto-Judy Swanson 169

Low Net

First: Jo Nauman-Joyce Stackhouse 116

Second: Corinne Custer-Barbara Kelso 117

Third: Lauri Speckmann-Julie Bockman 117

Fourth: Tammy Tubandt-Patricia Arbuckle 122

Fifth: Cindy Tullar-Janette Bogart 125


Red 3

Low Gross

First: Cathy Tipton-Tina Bezek 165

Second: Sherry Stanley-Jackie Baker 168

Third: Rebecca Blohm-Susan Knutson 169

Fourth: Joanie Boggan-Julie Kratt 176

Fifth: Dee Nannini-Jan Cellio 181

Low Net

First: Patricia Poulin-Pat McKissick 115

Second: Beth Pearsall-Mia Mclelland 118

Third: Sharon Ellis-Suzanne Orris 122

Fourth: Mary Snell-Sue Godfrey 123

Fifth: Karen Dagostino-Joan Peters 127


Gold 1

Low Gross

First: Mike Eckert-Ed Schwaberow 141

Second: Dick Stoner-Marlen Sterud 142

Third: Greg Spancake-Doug Peters 147

Fourth: Thomas Clarksean-Ted Grant 147

Fifth: David Brooks-Gerry Sparks 147

Low Net

First: Scott Carson-Dan O’Reilly 114

Second: Jack Basquin- Ron Erick 114

Third: George Parker-Dennis Roback 119

Fourth: Ray Harrison-Ed Runyon 121

Fifth: Lee Pedigo-Fred Vanklaveren 121


Gold 2

Low Gross

First: Mike Vagi-Ed Lemke 142

Second: Tim Robinson- Mike Boyer 149

Third: John Hughes- Jim Hodge 150

Fourth: Randy Blohm-Howard Knutson 152

Fifth: Everett Cook-Jimmy Morgan 157

Low Net

First: Gary Thompson-Don Johnson 111

Second: Don Higgins-Lee Szeliga 118

Third: Dennis Monson-Bob Ginger 122

Fourth: Gil Bromberek-John Greene 125

Fifth: Rick Harper-Don Arbuckle 126


Gold 3

Low Gross

First: Danny Tucker-Jamie Cannon 149

Second: Dennis Nannini- Jim Cellio 150

Third: Dusty Rhodes-Bob Brosmer 153

Fourth: Frank Kahlich-Darrel ONeil 155

Fifth: Michael Bonfield-Jim Blevins 157

Low Net

First: Larry Johnson-Bill Goldring 112

Second: Jim Hyland-Al Bonn 118

Third: Kelvin Smith-Tim Norman 118

Fourth: Ron Simons-Gary Kaufman 123

Fifth: Sid Miller-Walt Renton 123


Gold 4

Low Gross

First: Dick Sandula-Steve Ross 153

Second: John Moore-Bob King 154

Third: Gene Standaert-Ed Seely 158

Fourth: Scott Amis-Michael Johnson 161

Fifth: Paul Bosley-Fred Mundt 163

Low Net

First: Roger Ryan-Phil McDowell 113

Second: David Boarman-Mike Kindt 114

Third: Mark Shoemaker-Chris Joyce 117

Fourth: David Schudiske-Jim Kobe 118

Fifth: Fred Boyer-Davie Bouque 124


White 1

Low Gross

First: Steve Kehrer-Scott Whorton 133

Second: Tim Sweborg-Terry Levix 134

Third: Bob Wiedmann-Tim Olson 139

Fourth: Ron Reide-Paul Wolfe 139

Fifth: Bruce Evans-Bill Heidle 141

Low Net

First: Mike Stalder-Ron Keith 120

Second: Mike Suppa-Ken Neyens 122

Third: Tim Driggs-Cal Smart 124

Fourth: Robert Siwek-Tom Pallone 125

Fifth: Loren Hall-Jerry Tietz 125


White 2

Low Gross

First: Chris Vercautren-Bob Walczak 140

Second: Travis Lovvorn-Dave Allstaedt 145

Third: Mark Tullar-Jeff Bogart 145

Fourth: Scott Maher-Jim Edwards 146

Fifth: Bill Owens-Bob Moberly 148

Low Net

First: Rick Ford-Gary Hoskins 121

Second: Steve Nagy-David Pollard 123

Third: Steve Billings-John Marshall 123

Fourth: Mike O’Hara-Dan Linskens 125

Fifth: Jim Lister-Jim Nuse 126


White 3

Low Gross

First: Matt Christiansen-Bill Vorst 141

Second: Tom Thompson-Elliot Kornreich 150

Third: Todd Hill-Gary Held 151

Fourth: Tom Guenther-Norm Torrey 151

Fifth: John Wollard-Dick Viggiano 153

Low Net

First: Ben Brooks-Jerry Allard 123

2nd Layne Shaw-Derek Granfield 123

Third: Craig Leeper-Kevin Freeman 124

Fourth: Jeff Naruszewicz-Mike Bezek 126

Fifth: Ronnie Phillips-Dick Hampton 126


White 4

Low Gross

First: Coy Watson-Charley Wilson 151

Second: Bob Bennett- Jerry Selvage 153

Third: Paul Davis-Mike Eelbode 155

Fourth: Jim Ashcraft-Dan Boeh 159

Fifth: Mark Bruhn-Uwe Niebuhr 160

Low Net

First: Richard Diem-Chuck Hennessee 119

Second: Thomas Pinkington-John Key 123

Third: David Apple-Glenn Apple 124

Fourth: William McCown-Jim Bennett 125

Fifth: Chuck Buck-Corky Wilson 128



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