The Fairfield Glade Trail Crew has been busy this spring in spite of the wet weather.  Three major trail realignments were completed on the McGinnis, Good Samaritan and Rotherham trails.

Resident volunteers invested nearly 400 hours of their time to open these segments before hiking season. The new alignments eliminate unnecessarily steep sections and make hiking safer and a more enjoyable experience. On the Good Samaritan Trail, one of the easiest trails in the Glade, a bench favored by bird watchers was preserved and sits on a rock just over the new section.

New benches, constructed by resident Mike Brennan have been installed on the Canyon Trail. One is positioned looking over a unique view into a deep wooded glen about half way between the water tower trailhead and the canyon. 

A new color coded hike option was introduced for the many interconnected North Trails. Trail Committee members Jerry Brown and Bill Boothe created four hikes from 2.5 to 6 miles. Special color coded markers at each trail intersection keep hikers on the right track. Each hike starts at a different parking lot. Following a specific color guarantees hikers will find their way back to their car. Maps are available at the Community Center information desk and are posted at each trail head.

Work continues to make the realignment of the Canyon Trail easier to hike. Over 2,700 feet of new trail opened early when road construction for a new development off Catoosa Boulevard ran over the original route. While open and safe for hiking, some sections still need final grooming.

The Trail Crew always welcomes new volunteers. To volunteer, contact Mark Richie at