On Friday, March 20, we announced the shut-down of all of our facilities and amenities. That was a decision that the Board of Directors did not take lightly.

We are all well aware that there are those who will criticize our actions from both ends of the spectrum. Some will say we did not act soon enough, while others will say we have overreacted. That’s fair, and it comes with the territory.

As we have stated before, the Community Club Board of Directors and the Senior Management Team will always act out of an abundance of caution to take whatever precautionary measures are necessary to protect our membership, our Community Club team members and our guests.

We want to be perfectly clear, this is a serious situation especially for the large majority of the Fairfield Glade demographic. Any gathering of individuals, inside or outside, for whatever well-intentioned purpose, is strongly discouraged and increases your risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. 

We have been informed by the Wyndham Destinations Resort Manager for Fairfield Glade that all reservations effective today and in the near future have been canceled such that all of the timeshare units will be unoccupied as of April 1, 2020 until further notice.  

Please take this situation seriously and follow the basic steps listed below to protect yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors:

Practice physical distancing; frequently wash your hands or use antiseptic hand sanitizer; avoid touching your face, nose, and mouth; avoid close contact with people who are sick; avoid all large gatherings; and follow the CDC directives for cleaning, making sure you read all the directions on cleaning solutions.

If you are feeling sick, STAY AT HOME! If you have a temperature above 100.4, have a sore throat, are coughing or are experiencing shortness of breath, it is time to seek medical attention. CALL your doctor or medical provider and follow their instructions. Many times they can diagnosis your condition over the phone, thereby avoiding the exposure you may have waiting in the doctor's office surrounded by other sick people.

Compassion is an important part of caring for one another.

Let’s all try to remember that while we are all taking the necessary precautions to “social distance” from one another, we should really be focused on physical distancing complemented with a significant measure of social outreach. We all know family members, friends and neighbors who may live alone or who are isolated by distance; each of them could use a simple telephone call, an email, a text or an old-fashioned note just to let them know you care and you are just checking in to see how they are doing. Helping one another to feel that all important social connection with their community is critical especially during these difficult times.

On the brighter side, we should all be thankful for the efforts of those who continue to provide our community with much-needed services. Many of our Community Club team members are continuing to work to make sure essential services are still being provided to our membership and guests. They are manning their positions, taking our calls and answering questions; our Publics Works team, including the trash pickup crew, and our Sewer team continue to provide their regular services; our Police Department and Fire Department continue to protect us and respond to calls for assistance. 

The FG Police Department has set up a hotline for those most at risk in our community. This hotline is for anyone to call to receive help for themselves, a friend, a neighbor, etc. The hotline number is 931-484-3900; please leave a message with your name, number and address and someone will call you back as soon as possible. 

All of our facilities are being staffed so we can take care of essential business, do deep cleaning, keep our facilities in good condition, get organized for when we reopen and train. Maybe the next time you see one of our team members, a thumbs up or a simple thank you might be in order. Who knows, it might even make you feel a little better.

Finally, let’s not forget that our friends and neighbors who volunteer for FGRS are still looking out for those of us who are most in need of help.

For those who really miss the exercise you get from participating in the recreational sports at our amenities, don’t forget we have over 20 miles of walking and hiking trails so get out and get some fresh air when you can. You can also walk the cart paths on our golf courses since they are closed to golf play, but watch out for our maintenance team as they continue to maintain the golf courses to make sure they are in great shape when we reopen. 

We are all in this situation together, and together we will all get through it.

We all appreciate your continued support, especially during this very difficult situation. Please be safe out there!


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FGCC Board of Directors and Senior Management Team (SMT) — board@fairfieldglade.cc