Fairfield Glade Fire Chief Bob Citkovic reported that "Crossville and Cumberland County had some significant damage during Friday night's storms. All our members were notified around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.

About 15 members went to the command post and about the same number were left behind to protect the Glade.

We put in about five hours on Saturday in the Brookhaven area. When we went in there were trees down across streets and houses. Our main priority was opening streets, then we opened everybody's driveway and then we made sure their sidewalk was clear. We would just go from one street to the next. It was at times difficult because some of the trees were very big and it was dangerous at times because the power lines were down.

"The giving spirit of the volunteers and the local citizens was just incredible. Most of our firefighters used their own power saws and gasoline. We had just private citizens showing up at the fire station asking if they could help. One fellow, who knew he was too old to help, dropped off his chainsaw to us.

"Likewise, the outpouring of gratitude was just tremendous. We had people offering us food and water. Some would say they were fine, but help our neighbors, even though they might have a tree into their house or blocking the driveway. Everyone was saying, 'Let's do whatever we can to make the situation better for everybody.'

"Many of the local residents were amazed that people from the Glade were there to help them. I guess they thought we were all older retirees. "But, you don't have to be young, all you have to be is willing.

"It was stressful work, but in the end, everybody was grateful they had done it because it's good for the soul."

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