I would like to thank everyone who attended our second pancake breakfast. Thanks also to the firefighters, spouses, and volunteers for their dedicated help in making this event successful. Several area dignitaries attended including Alan Foster, our Cumberland County Mayor. Special thanks to Alex, my granddaughter, who not only attended the pancake breakfast but worked as a server too. 

Great job, Alex! Grandpa is very proud of you ! 

Reminder: Our final FGFD Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, Aug. 31, Labor Day weekend at the Community and Conference Center.  

A few comments regarding our Fairfield Glade leaf dump off Drew Howard Rd. 

Follow the signage as to specific areas for leaves and another for wood, branches, twigs, et cetera. Please do not dump any of the materials close to the tree lined border areas of the leaf dump as this can create a fire hazard. Deposit your materials as close to the middle of the areas, as possible. Thank you!

If you drive by FGFD Station on Peavine Rd., you may have noticed our fund raising thermometer near our flag pole. We are working diligently to replace one of our fire engines. While the old engine is currently operable, due to the advanced age, if a pump fails we are 

unable to obtain parts for repair. Our goal is to replace this engine with a newer model engine. Thanks for your financial support!

Occasionally, I receive questions regarding structure fire scene details, especially the cause of the fire. I am unable to provide any information as these scenes are under investigation and those authorities determine when details are to be released to the public.

So, I wanted to make you are aware of the procedure and why no comments are made by our FGFD. 

On July 26, the FGFD Board held a Town Hall Meeting at the FG Library/Multi-Purpose Building meeting room. Residents were introduced to the fire board members by President Bob Terraforte who presented a power point presentation outlining the financial situation of the FGFD. The residents were also afforded a question and answer session with comments from both the Fire Board President and Chief Bobby Smith. The fire board has been very transparent with the FG residents and strives to continue to do so in the future. During the past 18 months, the fire board has worked with the FGFD in revising by-laws and also Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) 

Fire tip of the month: 

Close before you doze. Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSP03BE74WA or Google search #closebeforeyoudoze.

Editor’s note: Incident reports of fires are public records. The Glade Sun requested information regarding the date and time and response to a July 4 fire in the days following the incident. After waiting more than three weeks with no response from the Fairfield Glade Fire Department, this newspaper published what could be independently verified.