We continue our series of learning opportunities in the Lifetime Learning Program starting this fall. Friday’s classes offer some exciting and unique learning opportunities for everyone. Lifetime Learning booklets are available and may be picked up at these following locations: Fairfield Glade Community and Recreation Center, Fairfield Glade Library, Fairfield Glade Art Guild, Yarn Patch, Curves, First National Bank of Tennessee, and the following Fairfield Glade churches: United Methodist, First Baptist, Community Church, Westminster Presbyterian, Saint Francis and Christ Lutheran.

Sept. 16 — Marilyn Garlick starts off the fall program with five weeks of “Snapshots” of Interesting and Important Information.” You won't want to miss these!     

Sept. 16 — What Fairfield Glade Resident Services Corporation Is Doing for You? Presenter, Ken Schuning, president of FGRSC.

September 23 — Tour of the new Good Samaritan Society facility at Fairfield Glade given by Doug Watts, marketing director.

September 30 — Dr. Stewart Galloway, MD, will give a program on “The Eyes Have It!”

October 7 — Learn about Identify fraud and banking scams from a representative of First National Bank of Tennessee.

October 14 — “First Ladies, the next chapter.” Judy Murphy, retired educator will present this program.

Wait, we sill have two more classes for Friday which are:

October 7 and 14 — Ruth Berkes, instructor, will hold a two-week class on “Buds and Bows,” where you will learn basic design for flower arrangements and bow-tying. There will be an extra fee for this program.

And our final Lifetime Learning class is on “Gardening.” Learn about gardening from Master Gardener Lynne Baker. Her first class begins on Oct. 14 and runs for three weeks. We will deal with interesting class topics, such as: Honey, we’re Killing the Shrubs! / Garden Rooms / and Color Me Easy.

Your Lifetime Learning booklet will provide all of the information and schedules for our Fall 2011 classes. The booklet includes: starting dates, times, presenters and any other pertinent news. There is a minimal fee for enrollment of $12 and can be used for one class or every class. What a bargain! Some classes might ask for extra fees which are collected at registration being held on August 2 at the Fairfield Glade Conference center, 2-3 p.m. Enrollment forms may be mailed in, but they will be processed after the August 2 registration. Remember to come and check us out on August 2.

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