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Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) has begun a free prescription delivery program for those who are self-quarantined during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kroger Pharmacy in Fairfield Glade and CVS in Crossville are on board with this program. Attempts to get other pharmacies on board are underway.

How does it work? If you need a prescription refilled, call the pharmacy and speak with the pharmacist. Work out a payment plan over the telephone (credit card, etc.), and FGRS will be notified that an Rx is ready for delivery. 

Delivery usually occurs on the same day that the prescription is filled. In some instances, FGRS will need to know your name and date of birth before the prescription can be picked up. Then it will be delivered by a vetted FGRS volunteer to your home. Reach out the door and take the package, but please remain in your house.

This program was initiated by Don Rohrer, an FGRS board member, who is running the program from his home. This program will continue as long as people should remain in social isolation and possibly longer. Hopefully, this will not be an extended period of time. Please check with your pharmacy to see if you can participate. 

FGRS is working for you: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”