There are 12 species of fish in Fairfield Glade's lakes. According to Price Wilkins, lakes consultant, a fish count is taken each year to determine the number and kinds of fish found in Glade waters. Following is a summary of his net survey.

Piscivorius (i.e., fish eating predators) included excellent numbers of largemouth bass, channel catfish, black crappie and yellow perch. There were smaller populations of walleye, warmouth bass and yellow bass.

There are good populations of fish that feed on aquatic insects, zoo plankton, snails and aquatic earthworms. Included are rainbow trout, bluegills, brim, shellcrackers and bluegill-shellcracker hybrids. And then we have white amur, our grass eating, weed control "submarine fleet" (a.k.a. carp).

This "Lake Update" is a service of the lakes committee.