Guess my card! An audience member of the Fairfield Glade Resident Services Comedy Night uses all the tools in magician and comedian Glen Strange’s “Mind Readin’” case for a fellow attendee to guess his card; perhaps, the 2 of hearts?

Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) hosted their annual Comedy Night fundraiser on Thursday, May 16, to continue its social service programs which enable Fairfield Glade’s elderly residents to stay in their homes and live as independently as possible for as long as possible by providing the assistance and resources they need. While the tender care that FGRS gives residents with the help of about 180 volunteers is no laughing matter, FGRS Comedy Night surely was. 

This year, magician Glen Strange and comedian David Ferrell took the stage at the Fairfield Glade Community and Conference Center and had FGRS supporters laughing until they cried.

Strange’s magic and comedy act had audience members participating in the silliest gags and getting caught in the funniest snags. One audience member had to use an egg beater, wear a rainbow headband and blow a “toot toot” to help another audience member read his mind and guess the card he’d picked. Another nearly lost a $20 to a paper shredder, but luckily it was sneakily tucked away safely in a “shredder insurance” envelope unbeknownst to the audience. Ferrell took answers directly from the audience and incorporated them into his performance, picking on everything from audience members’ hometowns to their rescued street cats. Starting another bit, Ferrell asked one attendee if he had to wear a name tag for his work. The attendee answered, “Yes.” 

Ferrell then leading into his bit about titles asked, “What was on the name tag?”

The attendee answered, “My name.”

The Captain Obvious response stumped the comedian for a few and it was poetic justice for those audience members whose answers he’d worked into his act like instant karma.  

It was an evening of hearty belly laughs and watering eyes, as FGRS supporters got their money’s worth for the good cause. 

FGRS will be holding their annual two-day concert, their biggest fundraiser of the year, on Aug. 22-23. FGRS feels very fortunate to have Cumberland County Playhouse and production director Bryce MacDonald partner with them and put on the concert event every year. The money raised will go toward FGRS’s social programs.

FGRS is a non-profit organization in which 180 volunteers provide such needed human and social programs as Way-2-Go, Home Delivered Meals, Vials of Life, Welcome Home, Caring Connections, Senior Enrichment and Music and Memory.  

FGRS is also on the cusp of developing another program to assist the elderly with basic handyman jobs, so stay tuned! 

As a 501©3 organization, FGRS always welcomes support, both of monetary and voluntary varieties. Please consider joining their all-volunteer team to serve residents of Fairfield Glade or giving a tax deductible donation towards resident care quality of life. For more information, to make a donation or to become a volunteer, visit www.fgrservices.org or call the office at 456-7272. Feel free to drop by the FGRS office at 4929 Peavine Rd.  Ste. 102 in Fairfield Towne Center Mall next to Food City. Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.