On Jan. 6, Fairfield Glade Resident Services began their COVID Relief Program, designed to provide delivery services to help those who are quarantined in their homes. FGRS is able to deliver prescriptions, fresh meals, and groceries to help residents of Fairfield Glade.

“We feel that it is important to people’s health that they stay comfortable in their own home until the need to be quarantined has expired,” said Don Rohrer, FGRS board president. “We have very few delivery services in Fairfield Glade. Until now, some people have had no choice in getting their prescriptions filled or shopping done when they are sick unless they do it themselves.”

FGRS is offering free delivery of prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines from the Kroger Pharmacy in Fairfield Glade. Fairfield Glade residents can call the pharmacy (931-484-0333) to request a delivery. The resident pays for the prescriptions and other items over the phone, and an FGRS volunteer will deliver to the resident’s home. This service is available to all residents within Fairfield Glade.

For those residents who are in quarantine, FGRS can provide delivery of fresh meals prepared by local restaurants. Legends, Community Table and Red’s Ale House are partnering with FGRS to provide this service. FGRS can also help people have groceries delivered straight to their homes. Volunteers can deliver groceries from Kroger and Walmart using their curbside service. FGRS can also instruct residents how to use the Instacart website to obtain groceries from area stores.

Residents can call the FGRS Delivery Hotline at 931-335-9945 to receive further information and to register for the program. The Hotline will be monitored 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

“This program will enhance not only the well-being, but the safety of those who are affected by the pandemic,” said Fairfield Glade Police Chief Michael Williams. “Fairfield Glade Police are excited to partner with FGRS and help in any way we can.”

“FGRS is founded on the principle of neighbors helping neighbors,” added Rohrer. “If you know of a neighbor or a friend that is in quarantine, call them to make sure they are doing okay. Also let them know that FGRS is here to help.”

Cumberland County is currently experiencing a spike in active COVID-19 cases. The volunteers of FGRS are concerned about the residents of Fairfield Glade and would like to help people through these difficult times.

FGRS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Fairfield Glade, created to promote, develop and support human and social services that enhance the quality of life of our community’s residents – our neighbors. To learn more about FGRS, or to donate, please go to their website at www.fgrservices.org.

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