The Fairfield Glade Fire Department is pleased to announce the arrival of our new hose. 

A few stats on the new “baby” — 

Weight: 100 + pounds

Length: 16 sections of 100 feet each

Diameter: 5 inches 

Date of Arrival: Aug. 15, 2020, 11:14 a.m. at Station 1 

The FGFD members used TLC in loading the first “baby” in its “crib bed” aboard Engine 1. Additional sections will be loaded on two additional engines soon. 

Unfortunately, we do not have congratulatory cigars to pass out, but you may see FGFD Captain Abe Celik celebrating with a cigar occasionally.

The FGFD members wish to thank the many Fairfield Glade residents who generously contributed to the first quarter fund raising effort for the Hose Campaign. We deeply appreciate your continued support.

For more photos, check the Gallery page at www.fairfieldgladefire.org.