The Fairfield Glade Fire Department is 100% staffed by men and women that volunteer their time to protect our community. We protect our community of approximately 8,300 residents and responded to 200-plus calls last year. 

In responding to a fire or other emergency, it requires many trained personnel to effectively protect our community.

Fairfield Glade presents several unique aspects in terms of fire hazards and special problems. In addition to building and residential fires, FG is located in a beautiful 12,000-acre heavily wooded area. That fact poses fire threats especially during summer/fall months when drought conditions may occur.

We hope you will consider volunteering as a firefighter. To learn more or sign up, please contact the FGFD office 931-484-3801 or contact Chief Bobby Smith through  email at

To learn more about our FGFD, you can visit our website at

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