In order to ensure the safety of all Fairfield Glade Community Club members, employees and guests, the following procedures will apply:

• For Monday-Friday, FGCC will use the Cumberland County Schools as the initial benchmark for both closings and delays when bad winter weather is expected. All facilities, including administration and garbage service, will use the same schedule as the county schools. Please use your TV or radio to determine the status of the Cumberland County schools.  

• If the county schools are closed or delayed, but it is determined that roads within Fairfield Glade are safe for travel, and FGCC can staff the facilities appropriately, an e-mail or text message will be sent to all those in our databases prior to opening our facilities.

• If it is necessary to delay the opening of Club facilities, all facilities will not open until 11 a.m.

• For weekends and holidays we will continue to use the current system of e-mails and text messages to notify you about any closings or delays.

These closings and delays will include all FGCC facilities and offices, as well as garbage service. It is suggested that prior to traveling to any Club facility during inclement weather that you call first. 

As always, the safety of our employees, members and guests is FGCC’s first priority. It is suggested that you not get out on the roadways unless absolutely necessary.

Please contact Member Records at if you are not already getting our community emails so you can be included on the e-mail list for this and other important Club news.   

FGCC Text Alert Service

The Club would like also like to remind all residents to sign up for the Text Alert Service. This will allow you to receive instant notifications to your mobile phone regarding emergency situations in the area or facility closings. If you have not yet registered, please follow the instructions below. 

1. From your mobile device, text FGCC to the number 855-746-3422.

2. You will receive a text message back to your phone from 855-746-3422. Reply to this message by texting the word YES.

3. This process will register your mobile number with the texting service.

FGCC strongly encourages everyone in the household to enroll. Your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared. 

FGCC plans on sending test text alerts on a quarterly basis.

For assistance in registering, please contact Member Records at

This FGCC text alert service will not be used for weather related warnings. All residents are encouraged to contact local radio stations and/or reverse 911 for this service which typically includes information about school closings and delays also. Visit register your phone for the Reverse 911 service.   


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