Undoubtedly, we all have heard expressions extolling the importance of first impressions.

“A good first impression is a lasting impression.” 

“A bad first impression is the hardest to change.”

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

For job interviews, most of us were taught to dress appropriately for the position we were seeking and to project ourselves in the best way possible. Many of us sought a second person to give us a quick look-over and maybe even conduct a mock interview.

With these thoughts in mind, what were your first impressions of Fairfield Glade? What influenced those impressions? 

Was it the excellent condition of the golf courses? The vast number of hiking trails? Or the beautiful Community and Conference Center? 

Maybe it was the 11 no-wake, manmade lakes and the two well-equipped marinas. Or possibly, the riding stables, the indoor and outdoor pools, or the wide variety of community events.

More than likely it was a combination of all these elements — and probably others as well. 

At 50 years of age, Fairfield Glade and its amenities have undergone a variety of transformations and renovations to maintain its viability as an up-and-coming community rather than one that is aging and in decline. 

We think it’s important to bear in mind, Fairfield Glade’s appeal is not limited to the elements and amenities previously discussed, but in large part includes the attractiveness of our residential areas.

The residential communities in Fairfield Glade are diverse. We have homes which back up to golf courses, lakes, or mountain vistas, while some are tucked into forested areas. Houses in Fairfield Glade range from established homes with mature landscaping, to those that are brand new construction.

In residential real estate, first impressions of a community are generally based on the “curb appeal” of the homes, ranking from desirable to undesirable or somewhere in-between.

Curb appeal can be very subjective and is often influenced by what some may consider minor or inconsequential.

Searching for a particular residence in Fairfield Glade, a person would naturally look for house numbers posted on the sides of mailbox posts. Ironically, our first impression of a home can therefore be influenced by that seldom-thought-of, somewhat insignificant curbside mailbox post rather than a beautifully landscaped yard or the amazing architectural design of the home.

The routine care and maintenance to the outside of our homes and yards contributes to their curb appeal. Unfortunately, all it takes is one or two poorly maintained homes on a street or block to detract from all the well kept homes which then affects their resale values. How many times have we heard it said, “It was a beautiful home or neighborhood, except for ...”?

At Fairfield Glade, we have safeguards to ensure that homes and yards are well maintained and contribute to the curb appeal of the neighborhood thereby assuring our property values. Fairfield Glade is a Deed Restricted community and, as such, sets standards for all existing homes, regardless of age or location. And these standards are enforced in the construction of new homes as well. The mere existence of published minimum standards goes a long way toward reducing the subjectivity of curb appeal.

As the leaves continue to fall, we get a less fettered view of our homes. Take a moment to walk out to your street and analyze the curb appearance of your home. Does it meet or exceed the standards required by Fairfield Glade? Does it adequately reflect the pride you have in your home? If not, what can be done now, and what should be delayed until spring?

This should allow you adequate time to budget and plan accordingly. 

If you are uncertain of the required standards, the Fairfield Glade Property Standards Quick Reference Guide is a good place to start; it is available in printed format at the ACC Office or online at fairfieldglade.cc. You may also call the ACC Office at 931-707-2149 or email staff at accpsc@fairfieldglade.cc for additional information. 

If we all do our part, we can help protect property values and safeguard our investment in Fairfield Glade.

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