The board consists of five property owner directors at-large, one declarant director and one interval owners director. Each director is responsible for representing the needs of the entire community.

In 2019, one property owner directors at-large position was open for election. In addition, the declarant director position and the interval owners director position were open for election.  At the conclusion of the application period, which ended Friday, June 7, only a single candidate had applied for each of the three available positions, resulting in an uncontested election. In accordance with Section 4.07 (b) of the current bylaws of the Fairfield Glade Community Club, the candidates are deemed elected.

Since the previous announcement was made at the close of the application period, it was brought to the board’s attention that the interval owners director position is term-limited (two three-year terms) like the at-large positions. Since Barbara Storer is now completing her second term, the timeshare council has submitted Diana Chalfant as the sole applicant for that position.

Accordingly, at the annual meeting, incumbent members Jeani Miller and Misty Galloway and new board member Chalfant were declared duly elected and seated on the board of directors, each for a three-year term of office.

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