I think most of us have been asked at one time or another, what makes a good day on the golf course? Honestly, I think it is purely how well we performed that day.

But if we have one of those usual days, we "amateurs" must endure, it requires a little more help from other happenings that day.

Twenty-five percent of our dozen players traveled to the Smoky Mountain Golf Course, and made their own pleasant day. And the winners are Gary Burleson, Tom Prieur and Rich Hirsch.

So what made it pleasant for the other 75 percent of us? Let’s see, a warm greeting from our host club members, led by Harold Gray, the long-time rep there, accompanied with a nice selection of doughnuts for our coffee, abundant supply of fruit and cold drinks on the course. Not bad!

The spotty drizzle we drove through dissipated and we had overcast skies with temperatures in the 70s. The fairways made the ball stand up like a dip of ice-cream in a sugar cone. A thick knit of grass to say the least. The tee box’s and greens were also in just super condition. Fast, but fair. And gentlemen, our guys will truly testify that this is a true description of what a mountain course is. The only other two ingredients that were supplied contained the good friendships made over the years with some of the other seven clubs, of our association's 19, who played. The other item was the Smoky Mountain “tradition” — a good old-fashioned hot dog with chili and all the fixings at the turn. I first enjoyed their type of hospitality in 1994. Harold told me, back then, someone solicited the local hospital and its been a habit of their's ever since, except for a two-year period.

In first flight, Fred Kuhlemann’s 73 took the low gross. Paul Krier of Willow Creek got the net with 68. But our own Gary Burleson wasn’t far behind and took second low net with a nice 72.

In second flight, Bob Manley of Ridgewood had low gross with 82. Low net went to Millstone's Dennis Stapleton on his 71.

In third flight, John Stewart of Baneberry nabbed low gross with 84. Nice player and friendly individual; I was in the foursome. Don Bewley of Millstone got net on a 72.

In fourth flight, Dwane Seal of Clinchview took the gross with an 88. Jess Lunsford of nearby Baneberry CC was the net winner on a fine 69.

Two more of our Fairfield gents, in this flight, came away as winners. Tom Prieur shot a 92 on this testy course to nab third low gross. Rich Hirsch came home with a nice 70, good for third low net. Nice going, fellers!

Yes, it was a nice day for golf, even for us others, who didn’t bring home any cash.

Don’t forget to support your rep and show up to help host our outing at the Crag course July 25. Neither of our two groups are scheduled to play, but your help is needed to keep our bragging rights as the best host club of this traveling golf association.

Also, get up a foursome or just come yourself and play as fill-ins to help get enough carts filled for the day's play. There is room and you still get the coffee, doughnuts and such. But you need to call Rex (456-0766) and let him know. You all will be put in the foursomes of the Glade fill-ins. You need not pay the $7 entry fee, just the playing fee. And do it in cash.