Fairfield Glade’s Rotary Club hosted its annual family golf tournament on The Craig at Heatherhurst recently and Phil Magdich came home with one of the biggest prizes ever.

Magdich, playing in the second flight, hit a perfect five wood from 187 yards on the par 3, fourth hole for a hole-in-one. In the process, he walked away with a brand new automobile from Dave Kirk Automotive.

Playing in his foursome was his wife and Rotarian Deanna Magdich, and Maleah Griffin and Caitlyn Burg, a pair of local high school golfers.

“It felt good when I hit it and I actually saw it go in,” said Magdich. “It’s got to be the best feeling I’ve had in a long time.”

It was also his fourth hole-in-one in his long career. But this one had to be “the best.”

Over 96 golfers participated, including FG Rotarians, family members of Rotarians, boys and girls from the Cumberland County and Stone Memorial High School golf teams and others. The general consensus was that a great time was had by all.

But Magdich obviously came away with quite a different feeling than everyone else. 

Making Magdich’s feat even more spectacular was the fact that Fairfield Glade Director of Golf Steve Kraft and one of the tournament’s coordinators, indicated how rare a hole-in-one on the special “big prize hole” actually is in golf tournaments.

“I been putting on tournaments like this one for over 33 years. In that time, I’ve handled probably over 1,000 tournaments where there was a big prize hole. But this is the very first time I’ve ever had someone in one of my tournaments make a hole-in-one to capture the 'big prize,' Kraft noted. “It should give a boost to all our golfers knowing that they do have a legitimate chance.”

In those 1,000-plus tournaments, Kraft, who’s been at FG for five years, estimated that probably 90,000 to 100,000 or more shots have been taken in an attempt to snare the “big prize.”

Tournament winners: Brad Davis and Cody Stone won the championship flight low gross with a 61 for a low net of 56, while Tim and Marty Wennermark won the first flight low gross with a 65 for a low net of 56.

Second flight low gross went to Scott and Paul Wennermark with a 65 (56 net), while the third flight low gross winners were Howard and Dawn Robb with a 73 (63 net).

The championship flight low net winners were Stewart Galloway and Dr. M. Stewart Galloway, with D.J. Shelton and Benton Roberts winning low net honors in the first flight. Second flight low net honors went to Tim and Fran Williams, while Brad and Len Stark won third flight low net honors.

Here are all of the gross scores with net score in parenthesis:

Championship flight

•61 (56): Cody Stone and Brad Davis

63 (58): Geoff Fine and Patric Allred

••64 (58): Stewart and Michael Gallaway

64 (59): Thomas Byrne and Daniel Owen

65 (60): Hunter Smalling and Tom Lynch

65 (59): Logan Cass and Logan Stewart

66 (59): Bill Walker and Joe Carter

67 (61): Larry Bodin and Scott Callahan

67 (60): Ralph and Jeffrey Bacon

68 (61): Jake Dailey and Chris Jenkins

68 (64): Terry and Jonathan Masters

72 (65): Cal and Russ Davis

•Low gross winners

••Low net winners in scorecard playoff

Flight flight

•65 (56): Marty and Tim Wennermark

67 (58): Marty and Katie Davis

••68 (58): D.J. Shelton and Benton Roberts

69 (59): Scott and Steve Moore

70 (61): Gib Bronbeck and Sandra Richman

71 (62): Dub and Lonnie Jones

73 (65): William R. Smith and David Lilley

74 (66): Charles Straight and Spencer Scarbrough

74 (64): Pat and Jeff Doran

76 (68): Jack Williams and Adam Varney

78 (70): David Simpson and John Sutton

81 (78): Jon Stark and Bucky Poe

•Low gross winners

••Low net winners in scorecard playoff

Second flight

•70 (58): Paul and Scott Wennermark

••71 (60): Tom and Fran Williams

72 (61): Wilson and Betty Jackson

72 (61): Lane McAnnally and Tayler Houston

72 (62): Ken Fuller and Josh Wells

73 (62): Megan and Dustin Lee

74 (62): Harry and Helen Chambon

79 (67): Bob Danko and Chris Young

81 (70): Wilson Pitt and Allan Laudermilk

83 (71): Larry Lee and Matt Cravens

84 (73): Clarence Inman and David Youder

84 (73): Phil Magdich and Maleah Griffin

•Low gross winners

••Low net winners

Third flight

•73 (60): Howard and Dawn Robb

76 (63): John and Sandra McRae

••77 (63): Len and Brad Stark

78 (65): Tony Mollica and Carol Adams

79 (65): Don and Linda McMeans

79 (66): Gordon and Derek Atchley

80 (65): Rick and Brian Moore

80 (67): Anna Stark and Eric Simpson

83 (68): Avery Connally and Logue Wisdom

85 (71): Don and Cynthia May

87 (72): Joe and Ester Crowell

89 (75): Deanna Magdich and Caitlyn Burg

•Low gross winners

••Low net winners via scorecard playoff

Other top individual accomplishments were closest to the pin — #3 (Craig Course), Katie Davis (14 ft., 10 in.); #14 (Craig Course), Jake Dailey (3 ft.,8 in.); and closest shot to line on #7 (Craig Course), Dustin Lee, 2 ft. (men’s division) and Fran Williams, 5 ft., 4 in. (women’s division).