FFG Nurses Drill CPR.jpg

Positioned at the head of a member recruited to be the subject of a mock code are nurses Rachel Richardson (left) and Wendy Reed (right). Wayne Henline, (standing left) has oxygen ready and Hazel Bartush (right) is documenting the assessment.

Wendy Reed, RN, and Rachel Richardson, LPN, practice handling “mock codes” on a regular basis with the staff at the Cumberland Medical Center Wellness Complex at Fairfield Glade to keep members as safe as possible.

Reed, exercise manager and person in charge of the facility, said, “Rachel and I know it’s absolutely necessary to practice codes on a regular basis. Everyone on staff knows their job, but the more we practice, the better we get as a team.”

The Glade Complex staff has the added responsibility of training to assist persons in distress in the pool. Separate protocols are in place for dealing with an individual in the water.

The nurses assess the person’s condition, including blood pressure and heart rate. Meanwhile, staff members bring to the scene an oxygen tank, a defibrillator, a clipboard for required and documented information for the hospital, should it be necessary to transport someone to the hospital.

A Front Desk staff member is charged with calling 911, another is dispatched to the parking lot to direct the ambulance either to the front entrance or to the back entrance, depending on which location is most accessible.

Other staff members are to keep members back from the team at work. They also assist in keeping the way clear for emergency medical technicians.

National Nurses Week –or not – the code drill keeps the staff alert.