What started out as a "day of suspect" Saturday, with the overcast weather above and the hopeful grit by our invited guest, turned out to be a false picture.

It was not a good beginning for me, as the phone rang at 5:05 a.m. and this voice stated it was raining cats and dogs in their parking lot. I asked, "And just where might this parking lot be located?"

"Maryville," he replied.

"Wow," I said. "Imagine that. It's raining 68 miles from here."

They showed and were happy they made the good decision.

Fortunately, not a single drop fell, after that heavy rain went through here about 3:30 a.m.

It was cart path only due to the soaking the course took, but some pretty fair scores were recorded by all flights. Our FF #2 guys did a marvelous job of defending our turf from the invaders. They managed to win 12 of the 30 certificates that were up for grabs amongst a well fortified field.

In the first flight, Bob Soldon led all golfers, with a 1 under 71 for top low gross. Roger Shepler seems to be on the mend as he fashioned out a nice 68 net score, for second. Gritty Kermit Selvig continued his steady game with a third-place 74 gross. And the newly crowned "Legends Division" champion, of the recent Greater Knoxville Amateur, took third low net with a 69.

In second flight, our guys followed the pace setters, by duplicating their feat with four wins of their own. Pat Duffy was a smooth operator and took third low gross on his 77. On the net side, these three scalawags, Ken Bond, Paul Davis and C.C. Duff, took first, second and third place with scores of 65, 65 and 66. Lordy, lordy, and they're all past 40.

Right now I want to take my hat off to an "Old Michigan State Trooper," who went cold turkey about six weeks ago. His game suffered, but he didn't give an inch in the fight. Looks like the system is starting to clear out, as he fired a cool 82 for top honors in gross score, for the third flight. He and his cart buddy, during the last few outings, Joe Skaggs, were right in tune again. Joe was but one stroke out, but got first low net on his 67. Walt Miles was 14 blows higher than last week at Lost Creek (71) but still got some money on a third low gross, off his 85.

In fourth flight, Dave Cargill kept his steady play up and negated a shutout by taking third low net on his par 72 score.

In fifth flight and close to pin honors, we did indeed get a goose bump.

There were no goose eggs laid by my FF #1 guys, who handled the hosting duties for this one. I received three outstanding e-mails that night, with lavish remarks on their treatment by our club pros, their staff, the snack bar personnel (Sue Crawford) and "you guys." One went on to say he feels our Crag course has the best scenery of any of the other 16 stops on this traveling circuit, the ETSGA provides.

Anyone reading this article, who is a dues-paying property owner, and is, or will be, 60 years of age during the season of play is eligible to join us. We do not choose our players, they choose us. Call me for details, 456-6249.

Very important: Here I go again, guys. Aug. 9 we host our last regular season outing at Druid Hills.

Since neither #1 or #2 players are scheduled, we both need to host this one together. We are the best host club, but only because you guys show up for that one hour I need from you. Call me and let me put that name on the list. This one is a no-brainer, with the parking lot right there and we have the course to ourselves. I think you all know we need some spotters for this one, to keep play moving. Holes #3 fairway, #4 top side, #12, #14 on the drive. Get a buddy, we'll give you a cart to sit in, with plenty of cold drinks.

Thanks in advance, Jonesy.

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