I can't begin to tell you all my feelings when I arose on Thursday, May 25, to prepare to travel to play golf in Knoxville. FF #1 had 16 golfers signed up for the event at Beaverbrook Country Club some 75 miles away — rain coming down from leaden skies with no end in sight. We drove through some serious rain all the way to Farragut, then a break in the clouds and sunshine! Short lived respite — as soon as we turned onto I-75 north, it started again. Maybe we should all just turn around. Certainly, the host club would call this off.

After a one-hour rain delay, lots of doughnuts and coffee and a complete re-shuffle of the 80, or so, remaining golfers, we played golf. Only 14 of our 16 guys made it, but those that stayed had enough collective talent to garner six of the 30 awards, and four of the FF #1 bangers won for the first time this year: sunny Walt Bohner, sleepy Earl Lagow, smooth John Manning and Big Jim Rackley. The day ended very sunny, especially for these four.

Overall, our winners were:

Flight #2: Earl Lagow, first place, low gross; Tom Baker, third place, low gross.

Flight #3: Lou Weatherford, second place, low gross; Walt Bohner, third place, low gross.

Flight #4: John Manning, first place, low net.

Flight #5: Big Jim Rackley, first place, low gross.

Congratulations to all the winners! The next scheduled event for FF#1 is June 6 at Smoky Mountain Golf Club in Newport, TN.

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