If one writes a column like this with an unlimited horizon of subjects, there are obligatory subjects one must write about or suffer dire consequences. One cannot totally ignore the current news or seasonal interest of readers, or thou shalt be shunned.  Therefore the reader will be happy to know I am about to write about things that everyone else is writing about, and therefore complete my early Pre-Spring Column Cleaning and avoid shunning.

One must write about the Super Bowl. Parade magazine and Fox Sports senior VP of programming states, (01/29/12), “The Super Bowl stands as one of the few things, and maybe the only thing, that brings people together.” Arugghhh! The Patriots are far from my favorite team and as for San Francisco; I have despised them since they squeaked by my Cincinnati Bengals in 1989. The Bengals were actually slightly favored in that game. It was a time when they had good management and great players; yes Virginia, there was such a time, long, long ago. Despite the Bengals loss of their star tackle, the heart and soul of the team, on the third play from scrimmage; the Bengals appeared to have pulled out the victory. Then this fellow you may have heard of, Joe Montana, led the 49’s down the field and with 30 seconds on the clock passed to John Taylor for the winning touchdown. Such memories should bring me together with San Francisco fans? Give me a break! My new favorite team is the Tennessee Titans. They are not playing in the Super Bowl this year but in 2000 they were a 98.2 percent favorite to win the Super bowl. They had been only a 6.9 percent favorite when they pulled off the Music City Miracle against the Buffalo Bills. Down by one point with 16 seconds on the clock, the Titans received a kick off, threw a lateral across the field and scored. You think Buffalo fans will ever forget this even though the Titans did not go on to win the Super Bowl? Fat chance! This is written before the Super Bowl; therefore I should not mention that New England and the golden one, Tom Brady, will defeat the San Francisco '49ers. This is obvious because Brady already has most of the gold and the '49ers are still searching for it. While they are prospecting Brady will pick them clean.

Politics and government are also in the news. Therefore one must write about important aspects such as the Senate recently voting to defeat a motion to block an expansion of $1.2 trillion to the U.S. debt limit that will now be $16.4 trillion. Are you beginning to understand why I don’t write about these things? They are depressing. Here is a recent news item that will cheer you. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that, if asked; 56 percent of the national population would replace every member of congress, including their own district. Wow, something upon which Democrats and Republicans finally agree.     

And finally, via an e-mail from a boyhood friend, is revealed a definitive comment from a famous person of history who enlightens us about the sinking of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia.

The plight of the Costa Concordia reminds me of a comment made by Winston Churchill many years ago… After his retirement, he was cruising the Mediterranean on an Italian cruise liner when some Italian journalists asked why an ex British Prime Minister should chose an Italian ship.

“There are three things I like about being on an Italian cruise ship,” said Churchill.

“First their cuisine is unsurpassed. Second their service is superb. And then, in time of emergency, there is none of this nonsense about women and children first.”

And you thought history did not repeat itself? My column Pre-Spring Cleaning is accomplished. 

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